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Monday, 20 July 2009


Hey bLogger…

It has been such a long time I am not updating my my blog. Well, currently in KMB. You know hOw kmb looks like right? I really am having one’s hands full. Oooh man..i really don’t have the idea what else I want to say..hUrmmm..My class? Im in M09F…I seat at the back..What?ooo don’t worry im nOt losing my focus even I seat at the back..dOn’t worry dear…what else? Oh Im fasting is israk mikraj day right…sO im tad of hungry now=P but never mind, 3 more hours to go normi!!!chayoo!! hMm one things I don’t like about being here is every morning I wake up..i always wondering wHat is going to happen today? Do I deserve here? What happen if I do not score in IB? wHat is my faith today? It sounds like thick in the head right? bUt this are what I feel everyday especially Monday morning=) hahahaha…it is like a fish out of water..IB ooo IB..I really hope I can fight with IB n get excellence results!!! IBelieve 45!!! I have to work hard or else I will miss the boat.Remember! success is a is not a destination….

Oooh ya!!! This weekend Im going to alamanda..i want to buy something that I can wear for ladies night..the themes is fantasy…but I have no idea about the costumes=) lalalalala just wait n see…I will upload my photo as soon as possible next two week ok!!!oh ya!!on 6th August, Im going back home..for 4 days!!our college will be used for Independence day celebration..

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