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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

2nd day of hospital attachment

Monday, 24 August 2009


the day i wait has come in real!!!!HOSPITAL ATTACHMENT!!!actually it suppose to be on saturday n sunday..bUt it was postponed to today n is very fascinating day for first we have been attached to Accident n emergency department..quiet bored there bcOz there are only few patients coming...But still first we are watching our doctor treating her patients and then she asked us to walk around the ER room n see all the medicine there...then we enter the dressing room where there is a nurse clean up patients' wound...hahaahaha Zatil cannot stand with the wound n she went to the toilet,,,i dont know what she do in the toilet...vOmit maybe=P then there is one case that involve a 'popo'
so called nenek la...she's having a heart attack kot...then her son like screaming around and ask for doctor to treat her mum..By that time I feel like..oh mY I entering the ER channel now..its absolutely resemble all that happened in ER make me feel dumb for a second...there was crying n caring nurse asked them to be patience...We were stand 10 metre away from the curtain..We wish we can enter that side but there are too many nurses n doctors inside..we afraid they will reject us!!bUt then our lovely n kind doctor call us to enter the room!!!Yeeeeey!!!!there are 18 of them work together on treating that nenek....there is one time the nenek's heart is stop beating...n they are one nurse who did the 'ala yg tekan2 tu kan'...then her heartbeat turn to normal back....the doctor who leads that treatment is a malay..soft-spoken man i think..very polite,,,,OOooo mY....he talks very gentle n slow..after the nenek is in stable they bring her to ICU...then after that there is one aunt coming with her maid..based on the nurse(kak mashitah kot) she said the aunt is having constipation..So, kak mashitah will give her a medicine by put something into the aunt's but=P hehehe..astaghfirullahalazim bUlan puasa x baik bayang benda merepek ok!!!!dah2..tuka topik...ok A&E x best sgt pun...after 12pm we asked the doctor to go out for break..then we hang out at the lobby...then Yanti's uncle which is the general manager there came n he brought us to the premier ward which is the first class ward...damn bEautiful!!!!u know how much it cost per day..its about RM1000++ per day...there are two tv plasma inside part like mini office...dining table n has two refrigerator...absolutely like a hOuse....we lepak there n watch TV..after that uncle nasirruddin bring us to see the bilik mayat..hehehe lucky us it is locked...hahaha...then we ask us him to enter the operation theater(OT)..sO he brought us to OT n negotiate with the people there,,they aloud us to enter the OT but one by one...sEems i cannot pray so i go first la...i changed my clothes..n wait for the doctor at the break room..the operation suppose to be at 2.30 pm. but it started at 3.15 i guess...when the doctor come,the nurse call me...when i enter the OT..she brief me a little bit..n warned me not to touch anything that are green in colour..especially apparatus la kan..then the doctor called me..."medical student!!come here....give her a chair...n i stand on the chair n watch the operation...LIVE n I was alone ok!!!!!!!!!!it was thoracic surgery...the doctor want to take of the infected thyroid!!it last for one hour....oh my god..i stand aboUt one hOur withOut feeling any tired...hahahaha bestnyer....Yanti n Zatil x sempat nk tgOk..sO esok kot diorg msuk OT..gOod Luck kOrang..i feel like in heaven u's the OT???it was really cold!!!!there are 6-10 people in there...what else.>>??nothing else dh kot..thats all...toodles!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Friday, 14 August 2009

my life

yOu know..when ALLAH give us some trouble we always assuming that ALLAH gives us a suck test!!we always unintentionally blame ALLAH for the trouble...why he/she doesnt have that trouble??many question will surely play in our head...all the negative perspective...

Do we realize that ALLAH misses us!
HE misses your voice!
HE misses yOur tear!
HE wants you to ask him for help!!!

now i'm realise! no wonder this week is so horrible to me...Maybe ALLAH wanted to let me know that HE misses me...I just realise it when the ustaz that has given the ceramah yesterday...Ya can I do this to yOu...i didnt read the Al-Quran this week!!oh Allah i was too busy with other things till i forget abOut my preparation to meet yOu =( sorry ALLAH... I really need yOu!!dOnt run away from me please! pease give me yOur hidayah so that i'll be a good muslimah...thanx ALLAH for all your nikmat! and thanx to you too for giving me a sign that you misses me...insyaAllah i will try to balance my life btween duniawi n ukhrawi...

Dr. Normi Zafirah Bt Mohd Isha