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Thursday, 29 September 2011

last postssss like a long time ago...

Weirdo happen today..i join my mom n few of her friends to attend a hari rya celebration at was organised by the peasants in that area.. Well my mom n her fellow friends are the agricultre officer who's in charge on that thats why they are all this case my mom's friend is suppose to be seated besides tajudin abd rahman..infact they contribute like a lot..pfftt..
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

dream comes true

i really cant believe i'm here..
stepping my feet on RCSI...
thanx Allah for this oppurtunity :)
i'll try my best to finish this journey with flying colours :)

Monday, 26 September 2011

first time

Honestly i cant believe that i really now in DUblin~
n honestly i cant believe that i'm going to a medical school in Dublin..
n honestly i've never imagined myself living with the Irish @ english people...

today is the most memorial day of my life,,
i prayed in the small musollah which situated in the middle of the Dublin city..
MashaAllah.. really admiring that feeling..
i feel like islam is every where...

first time solat without telekung
i love the weather here..quite's like an open freezer :)P lol
at amsterdam airport

safely arrived dublin

ussss! wish us luck tomorrow.coz it is our first day in RCSI :)
the journey is finally continuing!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

last wednesday in Malaysia

pagi2 dah lepak ofis ibu

because i'm going to follow her to jamuan hari raya..

Dato' Tajudin Abd Rahman has attended that jamuan 

owh..i'v got the chance to seat with his P.A because his PA is my sister's friend...

and then.. i go back to my routine..

owh i love this scenery.. it was raining outside..
going to miss home soon :)
appreciating it before it last ...

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

anak bongsu-s day out ;)

meet my schoolmate when i was in primary school..
her name is...Zawa Wafushitauu!!
 haha.. no la..
it's zawahir bt ngah said :) she asked  invited me to accompany her to teluk intan town!
because she wanted to buy..errrr secret..cannot tell ya here...

and and it's end up me buying lots of stuffs..
i bought ELLE lens..what else..err note book..
and and BLISS!!! it's for my mom actually..she just love this yoghurt drink so much!

today we went to 2 shopping malls..
thestore n giant..
and when we are on our way to go back home..
then we suddenly decide to watch a movie...
and here the turning point start...
tengok wayang punya pasal!!
we watched Johnny English reborn!
awesome ooo this movie..
please download watch it now!
at the mosque


the old friend of mine

US again ^_^

bye2 zawahir! till we meet again :)
ok..i think that's all from now..
really have fun with her today..:)
coz we did lots of chatting n talking and girls talking.. u know... gossiping

to zawahir.. thanx 4 the ride babe :) see you this June insyaAllah!

Monday, 19 September 2011

the Vampire Diaries Season 3

what else can i say...
 it’s hard to not cite every minute as a “favorite.

throughout this episode..everything is so unexpected and it surprised you non stop.. ilike the part when Elena got a birthday call from Stefan. He didn’t talk. But she knew it was him. “I love you Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.” Heartbreaking. 

i dont know why i like that part..maybe because of the deepness of Elena's love towards stefen that impressed me somehow somewhere along the way :)

all of the things i watched throughout this was just awesome!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

last gathering

everybody is at home this weekend!!

we took the entire families' pictures at the studio..

and at night..
we were having dinner together at lumut..

am already miss Malaysia!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

1 malaysia souvenir :)

i sent Dato' Najib this picture at his FB contest...
it was just for fun actually..
never thought i will get this...

am so impressed :)

it's limited edition people! :)

Thank You Dato' for the gift..
it looks small to you but it really huge to me :')
am really glad u rule our country..
please continue your job as the PM ...
i'm on your back..

P/S : am proud to be MALAYSIAN!

will be miss MALAYSIA soon!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

haunted blog???

greeting from Dublin Malaysia!!
lately i dont have the MOOD to update my blog..
i dont have any idea what to right..
because everything in my mind are too much to be told!
there's so many thing in my head and i dont even know where to start and it turn up to be no intro and no update at ALL!!! ~fiuhhh~

by this time i just finished preparing my stuff..
theres 2% more to top up..
cant wait to touch dublin :)

P/S : Yanti and Norain!! selamat berlepas! see you guys in Dublin:)

Sunday, 4 September 2011


my family! 
US without angah(second sister) and her husband
since angah and a.wan didnt go back to we dont have their picture in that!

no matter where they are...

they still follow our raya theme :) heee
angah and a.wan at Tanjung Karang

HOW was my RAYA!!
got not much pictures...
very lazy to snap! ~prefer to spend the most quality time with family..


owh! this is the best rendang ever!

this one to be exact!!! rendang daging siat!
it was cooked by my grandma's neighbour... usually..ALWAYS during the first cousins and I will emptied half of our stomach to eat this rendang!! and sometimes ALL the time during first raya we'll eat like a LOTTTT!! hahaha...


this!! glad to have this again this year!! haha

stop here now.. toddles :) muahx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

where'd u go?

where i go?
many places! many states! many town!

why didnt update ?
i prefer  spending my time with families and friends more than i blog