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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

anak bongsu-s day out ;)

meet my schoolmate when i was in primary school..
her name is...Zawa Wafushitauu!!
 haha.. no la..
it's zawahir bt ngah said :) she asked  invited me to accompany her to teluk intan town!
because she wanted to buy..errrr secret..cannot tell ya here...

and and it's end up me buying lots of stuffs..
i bought ELLE lens..what else..err note book..
and and BLISS!!! it's for my mom actually..she just love this yoghurt drink so much!

today we went to 2 shopping malls..
thestore n giant..
and when we are on our way to go back home..
then we suddenly decide to watch a movie...
and here the turning point start...
tengok wayang punya pasal!!
we watched Johnny English reborn!
awesome ooo this movie..
please download watch it now!
at the mosque


the old friend of mine

US again ^_^

bye2 zawahir! till we meet again :)
ok..i think that's all from now..
really have fun with her today..:)
coz we did lots of chatting n talking and girls talking.. u know... gossiping

to zawahir.. thanx 4 the ride babe :) see you this June insyaAllah!

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