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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

a little bit more!

written paper exams has just ended yesterday..
and yes i slept 15 hours last night..oh no...last evening...
5pm -8 am
i know...
well..this friday im gonna have anatomy oral..
i hope i will do my best for it...

not having mood to study!! :(
pfft cant wait for 10th of June to come..
Malaysiaaaaa I'm coming home!

wish me luck for the card signing...
pray that I will get the kindness lecturer who will ask me easy stuff :p

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Exam is coming

I have to admit that being a medical students...having exam suppose to be just piece of crap.. I guess i have faced thousands of papers during my journey as a student..but is a big matter to me..examsss it is big to me..Big to us !!! I feel like every exam has its own scary-ness that make us nervous and sometime we r in hypotension state :) plus being an oversea stdent it makes me feel muh tense..with no family around me an with no mommmyyy to scold me whenever i feel so lazy..its different though..but i still hold on with the fact that life is the climb.. Nothing is easy in the world! To get something good you have to face something worst first.. So peeps !! Or those who have exams coming on.. Good luck:) May Allah ease our journey..May All this sacrifces that we made will bring us to jannah :) together we gain success !! Islam itu pernah gah di mata dunia! Lets make it real again ^_^. Bye 2.. May peace be upon you

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Ahmad imran wafi...
Mak su rindu epi :(
Malam tdi call epi.. Xsgka epi dah pandai cakapppp.. I mean dh x gagap :D
Epiiiii..balik malaysia nnti kita sembang sembang sampai penat okay.. Epi dgan kak yong lina tido kat bilik maksu tau!!! Azam maksu balik malaysia ni..maksu nk ajar epi x pakai pampers :) lepas tu petang2 maksu temankan epi dgn kak yong main kat luar..lepastu kita pegi main kt taman :) kasi epi kurus sikit (in hoping maksu pun akan kurus jugak..heeee) apa lagi eyh..owhhh..kalau mama n apak pegi sekolah epi x yah la balik rumah..duduk rumah nenek je teman maksu..lepastu nnti kita main masak2 sama.. Masak sup singa!! :D haha
Okay lah epi..maksu nk smbung study balik..doakan maksu success ^_^ xsabar nk jumpa epi.. Epiiii..besar nanti jadi good boy tau.. Semoga epi n kak yong jadi insan berguna suatu hari nanti :) mak su love you guys sooooooo muchhh... mmmuahhhxxxx

Thanx Allah for giving me these two kids.. They really made my dayss...

Monday, 7 May 2012

history taking rehearsal

tadi buat oral langauge test dengan ain Zu!!
lawak gilerrr...
10 kali 3..2..1.. action!

part ni paling lawak la...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Card signingggggggg!

finally..the end of card signing for JC2
memang cipta record la..
our group got the hardest, scariest demonstrators/lecturers ever!!!

Dr Mohar, Dr. Robert and Dr Morris

time JC1
first Dr. Mohar.. i got C
then Dr Robert B+
after that Morris B+

time JC2 
first Dr Morris B+
then.. bila dapat robert everyone like...
oh mannnnnnnn... why our group always got the same demonstrators??

then today... last card signing...
tetiba Dr Mohar datang kat table cadaver kitorg..
everyone in our group tepuk tangan and gelak2...
nampak sangat Mohar dah tahu kitorg tepuk sebab perli...
die gelak2 jer...
but overall okay la..
got B

BBB all the way this Sem..
it's better to get the hardest demondstrator for cardsigning so that we are all well prepared for the real final card signing...
so yeah.. 
now normi!
start focussing on Final exam!!

nak cakap ni..
first time in my life tidur tersengguk-senguk dalam lecture...
before ni x pernah..hadoii..nampak benor medic ni susah and payah :((

nak tengok macam mana I tidur tesengguk-sengguk??

macam ni lah..
tapi lagi comel la kan tapi ;) hehe...

merasa gak lah tido tersengguk2...
selama ni gelak kan orang tidur mcm tu..
sekrg diri sendiri plak yg kena!

okay la..
nak study balik

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


rindu my irpmate..time ni mesti kitorg tgh pulun for IB examsss!