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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

aduhhh besaq nyaaa

saya Normi..
kepala saya besar..
saya suka pakai tudung lepas tu sarung rambut palsu...

p/S: syndrome budk medic xde benda nak buat.. ;)

Monday, 25 June 2012


keluar dgn these girls
watching madgascar 3..
ada org tu cerita dh hbis pun still senyum2 tgok senarai nama actor..pelik beno nengoknyer ;P
kenny rogers..gossip2...smpai org meja sebelah dh dua kali tukr pelnggan :D
melepas la rindu kt deme berdua ni!

goodbye first year..hello 2nd Med :)

officially first Med survivor :D
I am glad the exam is over..
double glad i'm home ^-^
triple glad my family is arround me :)
Quadruple glad for the exams' result

I really really aim to get first class honour in every subject..
but He knows best,
I cant deny the fact that I fail to make it real.. :(
out of 5 subject..
4 subject is on my side..
1 subject 2nd class 

nvm norms
try harder next time..

still I'm happy :D
overall my grade is
1H (1st class honour)

P/S : some people say that, for medic students it doesnt matter how much you score, as long as you pass the exams..
but not for me.. it's satisfaction of me studying so hard.. I/ we deserve a good ending right :) 

so yeah, I am glad and thankful to Allah for giving me another oppurtunity to be happy...

my aim next semester ?? all first class of course :)