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Monday, 26 July 2010


we have just been brief about plagiarism thingy that has happened to our senior last year... I just realise how worst plagiarism can kill your dream!!!! oh my god..even if we are not quote what we use as our contain it consider as plagiarism....aiyaaaaa


go Normi!!! lets prOduce your own work!!! be inquirer!!!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

♥Mock Interview♥

Dato' Richard Small

last week i was having the mock interview..the interviewer is a foreigner..not sure where he comes from..i Just know that he actually got the Dato' title..i was very shock to know about that..he seems so nice and friendly:) ♥... the interview went very well i guess...i manage to answer all his was more to th situation when u r a doctor..he's very nice...but somehow his question is quite challenging...apart from that, he said that my english is good n where did i learn it??♥ i was very shock when he say that...n then i said that i learn it via movies and newspaper..bla22222..hehe thanx Dato' Richard Small.. really have fun having some kind like a friendly conversation with you :DD.... RCSI's interviewer come quicky and interview me...excited to have a nicely converstion with you guys also.....I really wanna go to RCSI!!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

5kg does matter :)

im losing my weight...5kg :DD