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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Trip tO Balai Seni

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The mAking of Boxty and Stew

yesterday and toDay was a veRy
sPlendid mOment that I ever had... I won the first place for the Irish potato bread cooking competition..:D it's worth it when as I put sO much effort on it.. we decided to make BROXTY or so called the Irish potatO cake...they are 6 of us..and we are competing amOng us by the way... bUt we prpeared all those in
gredients together....well..we peeled of the potato skin and boiled itthe night before..after that we mashed it...besides we also making the stew on that night..becoz to make the lamb stew it will take a couple of hour to be cooked...sO the ext day which is yesterday(tuesday) we made the potato..we add a little bit of flOur and milk...plu
st the pepper and salt...and also herbs such as thyme..i decided to modify my boxty by adding the banger or sau
sages in that so that it kind of look different from my other friends...I am very happy the judges which is the deputy ambassador of ireland, and one lady which is also an Irisy..and not to forgot our Barbara Err (not sure whether i
spell it right)..but seriously I said Barb is a v
ery fantastic woman..She helped us
a lot in guiding regarding the IUMC stuff..w
ell back to the cooking stOry...yeah..Most of the teachers tasted our food and Im kind of grateful bcoz they said that mine is ...well ....delicous-lah :D hehe..and I saw the Irish man marked our score...hmm well very excited right nOw...ahaha..WHY??? because this is my first time jOining the cooKing cOmpetitiOn!!! and I win the first place...and the prize is qUite gOod...its Rm70 vo
ucher in MPH and also RM30 in Starbuck...hehe I am happy..By the w
ay Our ccoking competition grOup is the best!!! we help each oTher a Lot...lets go to Starbuck girls!!!! hehe

P/S: I dont have the chance to taste my BOXTY :'( Its finished already...hmm naaa its ok..i'll make it for my own later...(Bila lah later tu yer???ahaha..)..ready to be a kitchen girl???naaaa....LATER la..:DDD ahaha...nOrmi...normi...em
Brace your skills!!! hehe..Later lah...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

the journey contiNue...

This week is kind of like busy week to me..Got many things in my head..but surely next week will be much busier.. I got Irish food competition to participate on this monday and tuesday..then on wednesday Irish ambassador wanna come to meet us and IUMC-bound students have to make performances about Irish culture...then oN mOnday I got math qUiz which will cover vecto...oH gOd! i dont like vector..bUt somehoW i like it also, as it really trigger my mind to THINK!..what week probably i got tOk presentation which my group has not come out with our brainstorming pun...damn crazy la we...aiyaaa...what else...iOC essay has to
pass up on tuesday...oH yaaaaaa!!!!on Thursday I got biology qUiz....aiyoooo....then i have to spend my time to consult my tok teacher regarding my essay...then what??? math exercises has to do week wanna discuss with teacher...haaaa another one...Irish food brochure...i have to do it...hope the irish peoPle wont ask hard question to me..coz i have nO idea what to say..i just know that ireland has been famous with it's myth icon which is leprechaun and also its national flower is shamrock.. the list of my task
major priority
1)do IOC essay (due on tuesday)
2)tok presentation(make a research on supernatural+role of religion & custom) (sunday night discuss)
3)google on potato bread and irish stew
4)brochure on irish food
5)math test on monday!
-6)math exercise due on monday
-7)consult miss tik about tok essay
8)study bio..test on thursday...
9) tok presntation (please make it the next next week)

minor priority
-econs #3 edit please
-Edit my EE first draft
- go on with econs commentray #4

Friday, 8 October 2010

what a relief....

It was the second period of our class today i use my friends i-mac to check the IELTS result online...Thanx god he give another luck...I got 6.5......yup i know it is not that good but im very thankful to ALLAH bcoz at least I fulfill the requirement of ireland IUMC...:D
It was very tiring week I can say...VERRRRYYYY!!! i feel like my head is jUst going to explode.... Everything that i did was just so wrong nowadays.... It get more worst when dealing with yOur group who always rejecting ur idea when u give ur opinion n then ending up asking to figure out what to do!~!!!!!! what the heck is that....! i hate it when i have to do a task repeatedly especially when i actually has work on it the best I back off u yOung lady....dah2...aiya...this is not a proper cursing for my blog....well im just trying to empth my mind with all this kind of messy and bloody think that wondering in my head right o think thats all from started to rain by the way.. i want to enjoy the get back to work!!!! :D

Thursday, 7 October 2010

feel like my brain is aBout to explode.....

kind of busy we all the IB stuff..
thanx God I've done my EE first draft....
nOw im working out with my gRoup tok presentation..still figuring what topic that we are going to do...gOsh the idea is not appear yet.....come la dear IDEA.....please...i really need u now...

mood: mind exploded!