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Saturday, 16 October 2010

the journey contiNue...

This week is kind of like busy week to me..Got many things in my head..but surely next week will be much busier.. I got Irish food competition to participate on this monday and tuesday..then on wednesday Irish ambassador wanna come to meet us and IUMC-bound students have to make performances about Irish culture...then oN mOnday I got math qUiz which will cover vecto...oH gOd! i dont like vector..bUt somehoW i like it also, as it really trigger my mind to THINK!..what week probably i got tOk presentation which my group has not come out with our brainstorming pun...damn crazy la we...aiyaaa...what else...iOC essay has to
pass up on tuesday...oH yaaaaaa!!!!on Thursday I got biology qUiz....aiyoooo....then i have to spend my time to consult my tok teacher regarding my essay...then what??? math exercises has to do week wanna discuss with teacher...haaaa another one...Irish food brochure...i have to do it...hope the irish peoPle wont ask hard question to me..coz i have nO idea what to say..i just know that ireland has been famous with it's myth icon which is leprechaun and also its national flower is shamrock.. the list of my task
major priority
1)do IOC essay (due on tuesday)
2)tok presentation(make a research on supernatural+role of religion & custom) (sunday night discuss)
3)google on potato bread and irish stew
4)brochure on irish food
5)math test on monday!
-6)math exercise due on monday
-7)consult miss tik about tok essay
8)study bio..test on thursday...
9) tok presntation (please make it the next next week)

minor priority
-econs #3 edit please
-Edit my EE first draft
- go on with econs commentray #4

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