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Thursday, 18 November 2010

sribbling yet meAningful...

Doing crazy things..been bOred at hOme dOing nOthing (even lots of hwork queuing to be done:P).. i'm typing my name at GOOGLE...guess what i found?? i know..of course my blog...
you gUys know what... i found the precious things of my life...BESTFR
i though that only my blog will appear when i type my name..
here it name in the other's blog..
it's azila :D a friend of mine in MRSM Pasir Salak..
sincerely i said, i hate to flash back the memories in MRSM PS...
bcoz it turns t ruin my mode..:( [sig
bUt when i think back...
it remind me of friendship..
sincerely n honestly PS has really taught me wha
t friends mean to me... much bitter..pain...yet sweet also...
ouch..PS...what a bad and sweet memory when I was there...
i really dont wanna recall it...Well i love my friends there..SOME I guess... that tyme we were just a small little kids..
who were about to grow and understand life better..
PS just taught us...
Thanx PS...
to all my friends...
I'm so soory if i did anything wrong...

1) ada apa dengan cinta group (me,lily,azila,intan,aween...cant remember who else)
2) escaping the activities in the hall by hiding in the l
ab :) {one class}
3) crying at the ampaian during midnight
4) quarelling with with that tyme most of us seems do not like lily..may be because she is so spoilt...when i came to mrsm taiping..kinda hate when meeting with her back...n the same class too...but then it turns to be ok...actually lili is a kind hearted person...i think thats why Allah give me the second chance to know her know how my first perception is wrong...sorry lily.. we are wrong then!
5) narrow escape (i want to try to smoke) whibh i dont!! thanks to abg ikhwan and angah for your advice...
6) Starting to chat with seniorsabg syuk n abg ikhwan)..which i think..that's so wrong!!! seriously so STUPID!! damn...i'm so loser!
7) Crying because i feel so dissapointed ding nothing for the rest of form 1 and half semester of form 2....Starting point to change!
8) reshuffling the class...i got the nerdy class i guess! but it's good for me..i've changed...everybody realised it...
9) Got a new geng...khairiyah, zhu,,haziqah...n nana...but then
it turns upside down..when they screwd up..then our bond started to weak..n i tend to ignore them for a whi
le... [sincerely upset..i suppose to advice them..but i can't..i dont know..n i dont understand :( ]
10) 8A's PMR :DDDDD
11) the principle said congra8 to me [i dont even know he knew my name:) that was so cool..famousnyer:P lalala]

PS in memory...u still have place in my matter what...coz u have coloured my life!
:) or :'(

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

the princess in tHe hOuse :)

Lina Naqibah...She's my lOvely cutie pie..and our sOul...oH i'm so in love with her!!

lOve you lina...mmuahx!

Monday, 15 November 2010

sitting on the same table with yOur former teacher...

my sister is a teacher..She had a family day last night..So, my mOm and I decided to accompany her to the dinner party...gUess what, I met my former teacher..hMm what a small world..
kind of odd sitting on the same table with yOur teacher :~~~) seriously odd...hmmm for me teacher is like a god..nO matter what she's yoUr teacher after all...sitting on the same table with her makes me feel rude! i dont know why...even she is a friend of my sister...bUt she's my teacher afterall....oh my god...i feel so rude last night...

Friday, 12 November 2010

one wEek breAK :D

I'm in the bus now:)
heading myself to the North (perak)..yeyeye:)
dalam bus yAng bOsan ini...
alone again :( but nevermind i like that!! :D
lets photo-ing ^-^

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Challenge

What a busy week...the nearer the hOliday will come the more work that u get..
well Im going hOme tomorrow...:D yahoo!
but I have to send many things tomorrow
1) Math Portfolio
2) English oral outline
3) english outline essay
4) Malay synopsis analysis....

seems like my class already be my room..:(
7.30 am in the class till 6.30 pm
reach my room at 7.15 pm....
woah....well it seems mad..
bUt it's not!
as long as u are an IB student...

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

MAth portfolio

It is 4.30 am in the morning
and I'm here alone...
doing my math portfolio....

Saturday, 6 November 2010

wake up normi!

while my roommate is getting her rest in exploring to her dream world...
me myself and alone...
trying to fix up my mind...
trying not to be lazy...
trying to use time wisely...
when i realised that i am an IB student...
when i realised there are so many things in my head right now....

here come my soul....
giving me the spirit and energy to keep on moving...
and keep on climbing the mountain....
life is the climb..but the view is great:)

gambatte normi!!
mode: math portfolio!!!

DeePavali celebrAtiOn

Invidual Oral cOmmentary

What a hectic week I had!! such a busy days I guess...Started with tOk presentation and ended up with IOC....preparing for IOC was very tiring and boring I guesss......

Tired!!! lol :P

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

math portfolio versus tok presentation!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

peak week in IB

what a week!
started your monday classes this week with tok presentation...I slept at 5.oo am last night just to finish my tok presentation...It was freaking me out when the tok while waiting the tok period to arrive..thanx god the presentation was going smoothly...Really glad to have three card wushes coming from yana,zatil and yanti before class started :) thanx yOu guys...You really made my day...Miss Tik seems to like our presentation..hope that we're not going to repeat the presentation coz it really made my life messed up thinking of the idea about the slide...oh my....

Things coming up next...
tok essay submission (Thursday)
IoC (Thursday)
IOP(Next tuesday)..
hOpe I'm going to be find...gO normi!