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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

peak week in IB

what a week!
started your monday classes this week with tok presentation...I slept at 5.oo am last night just to finish my tok presentation...It was freaking me out when the tok while waiting the tok period to arrive..thanx god the presentation was going smoothly...Really glad to have three card wushes coming from yana,zatil and yanti before class started :) thanx yOu guys...You really made my day...Miss Tik seems to like our presentation..hope that we're not going to repeat the presentation coz it really made my life messed up thinking of the idea about the slide...oh my....

Things coming up next...
tok essay submission (Thursday)
IoC (Thursday)
IOP(Next tuesday)..
hOpe I'm going to be find...gO normi!

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