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Tuesday, 15 December 2009


currently in hOliday mOod=D yippieee
exam is over....
the moral of the story is work harder next time!!!!
u can do it dr.normi!!!!
still confuse what country i wanna choose,,,,UK or ireland or POLAND!!!
we heard MARA is currently shortage of money..hmmm so there will be excess demand order to solve this problem government shOuld intervene by changing the country that will be more cheaper than UK and ireland...sigh haha

Friday, 4 December 2009

something to ponder...

Today got Bio test...I don’t want to talk about is because I can say that it is quite hard. Sigh... im very sad today..and lucky we got usrah today. For me usrah is not a burden either a big trouble, yet it is some kind like an activity where u can relax your mind and think about islam for a while. Perhaps it is not just about islam, but it is also about life. Today we discuss about “Intention”. The point is what is our intention when we study and taking the it all because of the Almighty Allah..? or it is because you want to show off and proud about yourself....i was thinking about there is not easy to determine what is the real intention why we study..i also don’t have the exact answer for that question. If mark scheme is present for that particular question i bet it will be one bundle of paper printed with all the anwers.
After we discuss about that, the naqibah ask us to give another issue to discuss. So I give them a topic which is Cinta di alam persekolahan. Bits lame was just an idea babe. They agree to talk about this issue. So, I tried to confess about something that i keep in my heart for such a long time i guess. “what if you like someone but you does not want to like him?”. I think the question was really come from heart by that time and i really want the answer for that question.

I think i have already got the answer!!!
let him free...if we really meant for each other..he will reappear in your live one day!

So, to the person who may concern...I let you free!!!! Because my life has to move jOurney is just about to start..i don’t want my feeling slacked it up! So i can say it nOw that really get rid of you from my heart!!

Monday, 12 October 2009

sweet 16

Im currently doing the biology report but then suddenly something is playing in my head now. In English class today we were discussing about adolescence group did ‘u never understand me’ poem..that is nOt what i want to talk about now..i want to talk about fats’s poem which is sweet sixteen..we were discussing about what u have done when you are 16 years old...i was wondering about it when i performed my asar prayer;) (hehe x khusyuk)..ok! i’m asking myself now..who are u when u r 16 year old girl??? From what i remember..16 years old is when i entered MRSM Taiping as a form four student..this is where my journey continued. I transformed from a hate to say a bad girl i guess into pretty kind girl=) seriously!!!! MARESMART thought me so much things in various perspective...when i was 16 i studied quite a distance from my house which is in the Teluk Intan to MRSM Pasir Salak which is too near with my hOuse which my parents can and always come to visit me almost every week..but then there in MARESMART my parents only came to visit me about once per month but sometimes twice a month... You know being apart from your parents will make u pretty sad..u might even miss your mom vOice n also imaging yOur favourite mom’s cook in front of you now, but then it was just an imagination... this is where my maturity appeared! I learnt how my life should go on without someone that u love are around. my journey towards succeed must go on without them but their spirit n soul r always supporting me n wake me up each time i fall down. This is when i start to think about my future.. when i was 16 i also learnt how to control myself..u know.. as a teenager we cant run from having a crush or something related to love..yup i had admired someone...but then i don’t know why(might be metaphysical claim) i felt uneasy. My heart is like separating into two pisces..either love or keep on single..u know what i choose?? I choose being single! Yup come again it is a metaphysical claim! I cant explain why..maybe im afraid being a heartbroken..maybe it is better that way ..being a single with no problem=) but i still finding why me myself will feel uncomfortable when i admire someone..i got the answer MARA College BAnting...i don’t know who said that to me..but what i know is that my tears fall down when i heard that is really the answer that i really trying to find.. the word is.. “bila kta suka pada seseorang manusia itu kadangkala kita rasa x sedap hati..apakah maknanya? Itu tandanya Allah x nak apabila kamu bersamanya kamu akan melupakan-Nya. Sesunguhnya Allah sangat merindui kamu dan menyayangimu lebih dari si dia menyayangi kamu” it might not give any effect to u readers!!but it really give me the answer of what i feel about love..sO Mr.Love( i don’t know who coz he is not appear in my life yet) i really hope when i meet u..u don’t really mind if my love is separated into two pisces...i might give u 40% of my love to u but my 60% love is not for u my is for the one that loves me more than u do...n i hve to love him more than i love u..he is the creator of you n I..he is our god..he is the Almighty ALLAH!!

The question when i was 16 is finally answered here in kmb!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

extremely bUsy

currenTly facing with wHat we call sTudy in preSsUre...!!
chayoOo Dr. Normi!

Monday, 28 September 2009


angah n i
ibu n abah

the whole family

location: Malacca

Friday, 4 September 2009

qUoTe fOr me !

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

2nd day of hospital attachment

Monday, 24 August 2009


the day i wait has come in real!!!!HOSPITAL ATTACHMENT!!!actually it suppose to be on saturday n sunday..bUt it was postponed to today n is very fascinating day for first we have been attached to Accident n emergency department..quiet bored there bcOz there are only few patients coming...But still first we are watching our doctor treating her patients and then she asked us to walk around the ER room n see all the medicine there...then we enter the dressing room where there is a nurse clean up patients' wound...hahaahaha Zatil cannot stand with the wound n she went to the toilet,,,i dont know what she do in the toilet...vOmit maybe=P then there is one case that involve a 'popo'
so called nenek la...she's having a heart attack kot...then her son like screaming around and ask for doctor to treat her mum..By that time I feel like..oh mY I entering the ER channel now..its absolutely resemble all that happened in ER make me feel dumb for a second...there was crying n caring nurse asked them to be patience...We were stand 10 metre away from the curtain..We wish we can enter that side but there are too many nurses n doctors inside..we afraid they will reject us!!bUt then our lovely n kind doctor call us to enter the room!!!Yeeeeey!!!!there are 18 of them work together on treating that nenek....there is one time the nenek's heart is stop beating...n they are one nurse who did the 'ala yg tekan2 tu kan'...then her heartbeat turn to normal back....the doctor who leads that treatment is a malay..soft-spoken man i think..very polite,,,,OOooo mY....he talks very gentle n slow..after the nenek is in stable they bring her to ICU...then after that there is one aunt coming with her maid..based on the nurse(kak mashitah kot) she said the aunt is having constipation..So, kak mashitah will give her a medicine by put something into the aunt's but=P hehehe..astaghfirullahalazim bUlan puasa x baik bayang benda merepek ok!!!!dah2..tuka topik...ok A&E x best sgt pun...after 12pm we asked the doctor to go out for break..then we hang out at the lobby...then Yanti's uncle which is the general manager there came n he brought us to the premier ward which is the first class ward...damn bEautiful!!!!u know how much it cost per day..its about RM1000++ per day...there are two tv plasma inside part like mini office...dining table n has two refrigerator...absolutely like a hOuse....we lepak there n watch TV..after that uncle nasirruddin bring us to see the bilik mayat..hehehe lucky us it is locked...hahaha...then we ask us him to enter the operation theater(OT)..sO he brought us to OT n negotiate with the people there,,they aloud us to enter the OT but one by one...sEems i cannot pray so i go first la...i changed my clothes..n wait for the doctor at the break room..the operation suppose to be at 2.30 pm. but it started at 3.15 i guess...when the doctor come,the nurse call me...when i enter the OT..she brief me a little bit..n warned me not to touch anything that are green in colour..especially apparatus la kan..then the doctor called me..."medical student!!come here....give her a chair...n i stand on the chair n watch the operation...LIVE n I was alone ok!!!!!!!!!!it was thoracic surgery...the doctor want to take of the infected thyroid!!it last for one hour....oh my god..i stand aboUt one hOur withOut feeling any tired...hahahaha bestnyer....Yanti n Zatil x sempat nk tgOk..sO esok kot diorg msuk OT..gOod Luck kOrang..i feel like in heaven u's the OT???it was really cold!!!!there are 6-10 people in there...what else.>>??nothing else dh kot..thats all...toodles!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Friday, 14 August 2009

my life

yOu know..when ALLAH give us some trouble we always assuming that ALLAH gives us a suck test!!we always unintentionally blame ALLAH for the trouble...why he/she doesnt have that trouble??many question will surely play in our head...all the negative perspective...

Do we realize that ALLAH misses us!
HE misses your voice!
HE misses yOur tear!
HE wants you to ask him for help!!!

now i'm realise! no wonder this week is so horrible to me...Maybe ALLAH wanted to let me know that HE misses me...I just realise it when the ustaz that has given the ceramah yesterday...Ya can I do this to yOu...i didnt read the Al-Quran this week!!oh Allah i was too busy with other things till i forget abOut my preparation to meet yOu =( sorry ALLAH... I really need yOu!!dOnt run away from me please! pease give me yOur hidayah so that i'll be a good muslimah...thanx ALLAH for all your nikmat! and thanx to you too for giving me a sign that you misses me...insyaAllah i will try to balance my life btween duniawi n ukhrawi...

Dr. Normi Zafirah Bt Mohd Isha

Thursday, 30 July 2009


hope we can go back too=)

Monday, 20 July 2009


Hey bLogger…

It has been such a long time I am not updating my my blog. Well, currently in KMB. You know hOw kmb looks like right? I really am having one’s hands full. Oooh man..i really don’t have the idea what else I want to say..hUrmmm..My class? Im in M09F…I seat at the back..What?ooo don’t worry im nOt losing my focus even I seat at the back..dOn’t worry dear…what else? Oh Im fasting is israk mikraj day right…sO im tad of hungry now=P but never mind, 3 more hours to go normi!!!chayoo!! hMm one things I don’t like about being here is every morning I wake up..i always wondering wHat is going to happen today? Do I deserve here? What happen if I do not score in IB? wHat is my faith today? It sounds like thick in the head right? bUt this are what I feel everyday especially Monday morning=) hahahaha…it is like a fish out of water..IB ooo IB..I really hope I can fight with IB n get excellence results!!! IBelieve 45!!! I have to work hard or else I will miss the boat.Remember! success is a is not a destination….

Oooh ya!!! This weekend Im going to alamanda..i want to buy something that I can wear for ladies night..the themes is fantasy…but I have no idea about the costumes=) lalalalala just wait n see…I will upload my photo as soon as possible next two week ok!!!oh ya!!on 6th August, Im going back home..for 4 days!!our college will be used for Independence day celebration..

Monday, 13 July 2009

trip to kolej profesional mara indera mahkota

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

ib world school!!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

first day in the class

the first day in the class;
qUite ok..everbOdy in the class are very cooperative fOr this mean time=P
my english tEacher is graduated from UiTM..sHe's taking cHemi teacher is gRaduated from canada..sHe's taking chemical engineerng..mY econoMics teacher also gradUated from canada...of course she's taking bUsiness n economic class, the teacher asked us tO write oUr charesteristic in a small green paper..sO i wrote it 'i love pink as most of my stuff is pink' 'im wearing specs' 'i love surfing the internet'..oK dOne..actually its not whAt i want tO talk abOut...actually after writing our criteria in that paper..teacher will collect the paper n pUt it inside a small beg..tHen we ha ve to puT the paper randOmly...after we took the paper we have to guess wHo the person is..I've gOt an MCKK sTudents...sO i asked him he is from where n how many chIldren that he has...n also what his fav sOng=P hahaha...that is my trick actually...the teacher will going to asked us tO introduce our friends in that paper...when i introducing him tO my friends i turn up my vOice when i said his fav sOng is stay from estrellla....guess whAt???hahahaa teacher asked him to sing!!!!kueng first he was nOt willing to sing..but at last he sing...fall fOr u sOng i gUess..hahaha..n than after class i juz smiling at him..n laughing i guess...whAt his name??hehehe i fOrgoT his name already la..u know its the first class...ask me later...ok la im going tO finish my twilight bOok by tOday or else i have tO postpone it tO next week..there are sO much things tO be dOne..sO adioz=) wish me in IB trying to lOve IB

my bed

Sunday, 28 June 2009

oRientation week

Life in kmb??fOr oNe week I’ve been here it is quite oK la..jUz like MRSM Taiping..exactly like it…bUt in dress code its quite different…in KMB we wear baju kUrung..nO more bAju seKolah… the first day..i was not crying wHen sHaking hands with my parents n sister…bCoz at that time I don’t feel homesick..wHat I tHingk is about the strategies for study in order tO balance mY academic performances n my sports n all that sTuff…u know what…mOst of tHe sTudents in this cOllege are always speak in English..n their English are very fluence…I wish I can like them..sO nORmi..frOm nOw on please improve yOur proficiency ok!!!!or else u wOnt fly….~~~~~~~no way… I want tO study in oVersea!!!UK is waiting fOr me!!!Manchester university…..i’ve been mOtivated bY oUr sUper seniors which are cUrrently sTudying in oVersea n they going back dUring sUmmer ..they give me the spirit n sHare their experiences with me..oh mY…IB is tougher then A-level…besides its actually a diploma…sO normi…sTudy hard!!!u cant fail IB..if u fail nO more IPTA will take u as they not recognized IB except USM…Are u going tO study in IPTS???huh???nO way..i want tO study in UK….

last word from me tO myself….
“nOrmi!stUdy hard….be confidence in wHat u dO..dOnt ever give up..yOur sacrifices will pay u back with yOur the saying gOes sUccess needs sacrifices!!!sO…learn tO love IB..just thinking tHat IB is fUn..go with the flow n u woNt feel stress

Monday, 22 June 2009

BYe blogger

bye gUys!!
i'm leaving to KMB=(
miss my hOme already..
miss my messy bed;P
miss my 7 mOnth hOneymoOn
my parents...
my niece; baby lina

its time for me to moVe fOrward!!!
mOve tOward shIning stArs!!!!
go nOrmi!!!!!
sUccess is waiting fOr u!!!
improve yOur english ok!!!!
dOnt give uP...
stUdy haRd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep on reading al-Quran ok=)
dont be lazy!!
always tHink positive!!!!

wait for me!!

p/s: im gOing tO stay at coNcorde inn hOtel...anYone that stay there tOo???

Thursday, 18 June 2009

awArded by yAnti

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

we all keep on mOving towards shining stars=)

here the list of where my classmates are studying n will study!!!
seems like we all are in the right path=)
lOve u gUys damn mUch!!
keep on going..
keep on success!!
Ir. Lily AmirahBt Ahmad Jamil
kolej MARA Kuala nErang(engneerg)
Farah Khalid adam Ho
matrikulasi perlis
Siti Zulaiha
Prof.Fatimah Zahra
kolej UEM~A-level medic
kolej MARA Banting~International Baccalaurette(medic)
kolej MARA Banting~International Baccalaurette(medic)
Kolej UEM~Alevel sc.Actuary
Rahman @ rho
Kolej MARA Seremban
Dr.Fathin Fadhilah
Asasi sains hayat UiTM
Kolej MARA Seremban(pergigian)
syazwani @ kak long
undefine(x contact pun=( )
Dr.Normi Zafirah
Kolej MARA Banting~International Baccalaurette(medic)
Shahrizal @ jai
Uitm Arau
18 june~undefined( sombong..mesej x balas)
19 june~*dah x sOmbong dah..blas mesj mlam tadi..
kolej teknologi timur~medic republic of czech
Ir. Zahir
Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang(engneerg)
tgh confius nk amik MARA ke JPA=p
Ir. saiful adhli @ epOi
asasi sains fizikal UM
Prof.Farouq RedZa IskAndAR
nOttingham Uni(biotech)
Ir. Haziq Faiz
UTP(mechanical kot)
Ir. Azri Afif
Ir.mohd Kamal
asasi sains fizikal UM
matrikulasi sabah

Monday, 15 June 2009

miss my class 412-512

the girls

time riadah

makaroni cheese n buah melaka

malam kuda kepang

Sunday, 7 June 2009

cOUsin day oUt!!!!

mahkota parade

baskin robin ice cream=)

tOday is a very fascinating n exhausting n adventurous day for me…acTually tOday kitOrg plan nAk keLuar cOusin2..sO keLuar la..pegi mAhkOta parade dUa keta…oN the wAy tHere..Oh mY gOsh..jalan bApak jam la…skunk ni tGah pesta sUngai kat meLaka…sO rMai ah oRg jAkon pegi kan…DahLa nk peGi MahKota pArade(MP) tU berpa bNyk traffic light kena lAlu..bAyangkn lampu hijau pUn kereta x bOle jalan..sebab lampu isyart kt depn saner merah tIme tUe we feel like U-turn je la..bUt we wOnt..haha..then bLer we reached tHere..oOo man!!parking…bapak ah penUh…aiseh aper la diOrg bUat kat MP ni ramai2..rOund pUnya rOund..smpai lagi skit nk lnggr tembOk..tApi tHanx gOd x langgar…hehe…sO last2 dApt gak..cOusin2 yg bOys kat lagI satu keta ntah maner hIlang,,,kitOrg park kat site yg memg jAuh la dAri MP tue…dh nk dekt nGan kapal besar tue…sO kitOrg decided msuk je MP then we meet tHem there..sO while wAiting 4 them kiTorg pun merendek la dLu..maSuk bUtik vIncci..i planned I want to wear vincci sHoes fOr class..tApi nOne of it that I like..sO x jadilah..tP deep in my heart said..xkn x beli aper2 kt vIncci..dhla tGh less..sO I was like…hmmm later la..cOz anGah n alAng nk tAke a look a oTher sHop..then masuk la ria mOdani pNya boutique..pAstu diOrg call dh ader dlAm MP..then kiTOrg peGi la cari mereka2..sO we went tO cinema site…sO we decided tO watch JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG CONGKAK xD…pKul 6 start..time tu dlam kOl 5 kot..sO diOrg pegi la sembhyg dLu..aKu??hehhee CUTI!!sO merendek ah jalan2 satu MP tu..bEli ah sandal kat VINCCI jgak=P then pegi ria mOdani beli kasuT class..then pegi Tropicana Life bOutique bEli beg(cOmel jebeg tUe)..Then The bOdy sHop beli perfume(vanilla is damn nice)=)…pAstu angah ngn alang dh bIsing2 tggu kat KFC..sebabnyer lg berpa minit je mOvie sTart..sO kitOrg pUn queue la..time tue aBout few minures left..bOut 15 minUtes I gUess…dAmn..makan kena rUsh la..memg rUsh la makan..pAstu shoot teRUs masuk pAngGung…oH mY gOSh!!!!thAt mOvie was dAmn fUnny man!!!i bet it is very2 fuNny…wAtch it..keLakar dOwh…kejp2 gelak..meMg x tAkut lNgsuNg..tapi ader gAk certaIn2 paRt qUite memg bEst la..dgn sOund mOvienyer yG best..BEST la seng cerita!!!pegi la tgok…ok after mOvie diOrg pegi smBhyng mAghrib..aku>?makan aiskrim bAskin rObin..caramel cheesecake tUe..nYam2…then iwan(mY cOusin) sRuh beli KFC plak…aDoyai queue..mann damn im sTuck…beRatOr jGk la..nK jadi dOctor kena TOlong org seLaloo kan…ahaha bUdjet ah kO nOmi..pastU kitorg nk balik dh la…disebabkn kereta kiTorg bApak jAuh sebatu..sO sUruh la mereka2 yg kereta lg satu nie bawak ke tempt kIotrg parking..hImpit seyh..7 org dLam kereta wira aeroback..hahaha smpI je kat kreta..aku cAri la kUnci dlam bEg kan..then tekan alarm..mAnn..dUsh!!asal x Bleyh bKak plak..uIk..?bAgi kT angah..xBoleh jgak..alamak ai…camner nie..pikir pUnya pikir..bIncang punya bincang..bOys tinggl kt keta waja yg girls masuk MP balik tka battery alarm..sO dlm MP tu balik pegi kedai jam xder plak bateri kereta..sO pegi la kedai gmbr…nsb baik ader..sO bler dh tka lari ah pegi kt kreta bLik..tIme tU I was like..lantak ah org nk fakir kitOrg lari knapa..yG penting nK balik..n dLam hati dh fakir bUkn2 dh..cmner klau x bOleh jgak..sebab battery ke ape ke kan..sO bLer smpAi blik kt kreta tU..dUsh!!x bOleh jGak la…we were like..aiseh camner nie..sO time tu bARu la call iBu..iBu passing hp kat abAh..aBah sUruh bUkak paKai kUnci..biler bUkak alarm tu berbunyi tekan bLik..n ok la dh bOleh bUkak.,,,biler nAk start plak…damn sh** xbOleh sTart ibu balik..ibu sUruh bUkak bOothe kereta n betOl2 kn sKit battery tue…sO tArik la tempt bUkak bOnet depn tue..biler keluar nk bUkak my gOsh..camner nk bukak ni??adOyai..dh la kereta waja ni bOnet depn die kat tgh2 ader muncung plak…kan dh sUsah..kitrg dOk belek2 ah tempt bUkak..aKu time tUe nMpak sOrg pak cik tua lalu..aper lagi..panggil ah..die pun memg wiling nk tOlong…siap pkai torchlight pHone die lagi..last2 boleh gakla bUkak..iwan bUkakk…tHen tGok batteri..pakcik tu kater batteri ni dh weak..sebbnyer alarm dh berbUnyi bNyk kali dh..sO die ckp die nk tOlong..die ckap camni ‘pakcik boleh tOlong..kOrg pecaya x pakcik bleh tOlong..?” kitorg cam bLur at that time..sO aku tNya la pak cik ni dari mner..pakcik tU ckp die dri terngganu..hOliday ngn anak2 kat melaka..tidO hotel yg dekt je ngan site parking kiTorg…sO pecaya la..pak cik tu cadng nk tOlak kereta tu je..tapi jalan bAPak jam..sO x bOleh…the oTher idea was pinjam batteri kereta lagi satu n pasg kat waja..biler dh start kreta pUlang la balik kereta tu..first2 mcam tAkut la..time tu ibU dh call pak su suruh pegi tGok..pak sU ader kendUri pLak..sO call pak lOng..pak lOng tGah oN the way time tue…tp time pak long on the way kereta waja dh bOle start dah…sO patah la balik..but the fU**ing sh** happened later was nk pasg balik batteri kat wira..iwan ngan ijat dah mencArut2 dah…sUmer dh bengang..we stuck in the middle of the rOad that was extremely jam…park pUn like a bit kat corner gak ah..tapi pedUli aper asalkn batteri tu boleh pasg balik..penat cari lUbang nak sangkut besi nat tue..adOyaiii…memg dh x tahan gler..we stuck there almost 3 hOurs beb!!!memg la penat…keseronokan di MP dah hilang,,,bUt at the end ok la..dH bOleh pasang..sO bAlik la kiTorg..akU dh malas Nak linTas jalan naik je kreta oRg2 bujang(boys)…aDoYai..diOrg pUnya tension nYer siap nGorat awek kat tePi jalan wiTh the radio on tUrn-up sO lOud,,bEInch!!!dLam kreta mesej nGan minYe…semBang2 jap..pAstu bLer sMpai kAmpOng sTop cHat..aBah dAh tgGu dah kat depn rumah nenek..smpai je..abah kater jGan masuK lagi..tGgu dUlu..sebabnyer dLam rUmah kan ader baby…tAkot kang bwak jin ke hantu yg dlam JANGN pndAng Belakang cOngkak ke..hUahuahua..abAh ckap masuk sOrg2..masuk sOrg2..tapi dlam keadaan beratur..hahahah funny though..msuk ruMah aper lagi bUkak la cerita…
bUt lUckily ibU n abah r not yelling at us..tHey said it’s a process of learning…jUst imagine if this is nOt happening..did I kNow hOw tO open waja pUnya bonet depan>??did I know camner nK handle klau batteri kOng?hUh that’s what we call an unexpected lesson..huahuahua….
P/s: oyt cOusins!!ader lagi ker can nK day-Out again???hUahuahua..pKir 2-3 kali..nK pegi jalan2 lgi skali kena service kreta…hahha oVER la pLak..wHatever it is im very tired ri8 nOw....


time ni tGah teNsion

on the way balik..11.08 p.m. mcM peGi cLubbing plK balik lmBat=P