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Monday, 22 June 2009

BYe blogger

bye gUys!!
i'm leaving to KMB=(
miss my hOme already..
miss my messy bed;P
miss my 7 mOnth hOneymoOn
my parents...
my niece; baby lina

its time for me to moVe fOrward!!!
mOve tOward shIning stArs!!!!
go nOrmi!!!!!
sUccess is waiting fOr u!!!
improve yOur english ok!!!!
dOnt give uP...
stUdy haRd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep on reading al-Quran ok=)
dont be lazy!!
always tHink positive!!!!

wait for me!!

p/s: im gOing tO stay at coNcorde inn hOtel...anYone that stay there tOo???