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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

first day in the class

the first day in the class;
qUite ok..everbOdy in the class are very cooperative fOr this mean time=P
my english tEacher is graduated from UiTM..sHe's taking cHemi teacher is gRaduated from canada..sHe's taking chemical engineerng..mY econoMics teacher also gradUated from canada...of course she's taking bUsiness n economic class, the teacher asked us tO write oUr charesteristic in a small green paper..sO i wrote it 'i love pink as most of my stuff is pink' 'im wearing specs' 'i love surfing the internet'..oK dOne..actually its not whAt i want tO talk abOut...actually after writing our criteria in that paper..teacher will collect the paper n pUt it inside a small beg..tHen we ha ve to puT the paper randOmly...after we took the paper we have to guess wHo the person is..I've gOt an MCKK sTudents...sO i asked him he is from where n how many chIldren that he has...n also what his fav sOng=P hahaha...that is my trick actually...the teacher will going to asked us tO introduce our friends in that paper...when i introducing him tO my friends i turn up my vOice when i said his fav sOng is stay from estrellla....guess whAt???hahahaa teacher asked him to sing!!!!kueng first he was nOt willing to sing..but at last he sing...fall fOr u sOng i gUess..hahaha..n than after class i juz smiling at him..n laughing i guess...whAt his name??hehehe i fOrgoT his name already la..u know its the first class...ask me later...ok la im going tO finish my twilight bOok by tOday or else i have tO postpone it tO next week..there are sO much things tO be dOne..sO adioz=) wish me in IB trying to lOve IB

my bed


  1. ur bed still serabut..haha..weyh norm,boley la g ngorat that boy..and after u manage to ngorat him,i'll create a cerpen about u and him..gaggahhaanna..

  2. ngeh3!!!
    nmpknye kte pnye ktil sme cadar lah!!