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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

hai hai... :)

hari ni class start pukul 12 pm
so banyak masa lagi (banyak la sangat)..
this week agak rilex jugak sebab x de card signing (yeayy)
tunggu lah next week... terkapai2 ko Normi...
cardsigning always make me feel so worry..

hari ni rasa mcam nak study..
sebb exam is coming and so many things to cover..
sedih la..
rasa macam x prepare je lagi..
asyik mengantuk je kalau nak study..
lepas tu kalau online mesti nak laghaaaa!! (i hate thisss!)
tapi x boleh elak.. haishhh DISIPLIN normi please!!

hari ni happy..
sebb family tag gambar diorg pergi jalan2..
even i'm not with them at least i could share the joy :')

and not to forget...
i skype-ed with this two little fellow down here

rindu ah diorg!!!
time tu dekat RCSI..
pastu i tunjuk la gamba2 tengkorak and skeleton kat wall RCSI kat diorang2 ni..n then i cakap tu semua "mak kepak" @ hantu...
menjerit diorang ketakutan... :)) heeee...
mereka memang selalu disakat begitu..dah biasa dah,,,
hurmmm rindu la rumah ooooiiii

okay la..that's all from now...
see you next timeee :)))

Sunday, 27 November 2011

wicklow wooo

wicklow wooo (it's rhyme!!!)

wicklow is so pretty...
i like the fact that we have to explore the place by ourselves... 
it make our journey much more adventure and interesting...
honestly is so beautiful!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

hey hey

it's friday night :))))
i'm happy...

Friday, 25 November 2011

as usual...

hai guys..
i'm happy today coz tomorrow is friday.. 
and this week is going to come to an end...
cant believe it i can pass through this week smoothly even there are many things going on between it...

since i might not be busy next week..
so i plan to go to Wicklow this saturday..
really hope it really happen...

Sunday, 20 November 2011

wut wut..

i got 85% for previous MCQs test
the average class is 62% i guess..
so well done normi
you did a really good job!

so dont stop dreaming..
strive for the next MCQ test this week okay :)

even this would carry less mark for ur final..
it's good as a sign to test ur understanding..
for ur own good gak kan..
so dont take it easy dear...

good luck doc!!


hey hey you you...
i know that you like me...
no way no way not it's not a secret!
if not u wont read my blog kan??? kan?
sooryy excited terlebih...

last week was okay..
friday was a good ending..
i got a B for card signing...
worth studying for it..
at least ada peningkatan paradigma kan...
i dont have to bother how my friends would be able to get an A..
coz they got the most linean lecturer ever..
while my anatomy group always have bad luck for having two strict lecturer ever...
pfft...nevermind though...

nak cerita pasal cardsigning minggu ni...
masuk je anat room semua doa nak dapat which is the most pemurah lecturer ever...
jawab lah salah banyak mana pun confirm A punya...
unluckily we dont get him..
we got one lecturer yang sangat la kedekut markah..previous group yang dapat die siap ada yg dapat F lagi..hambik kau! xke kecut perut den bila tau dapat die!!!
die datang je kt group kitorg dh pscycho habis...
pegi amik xray pastu gantung kat lampu xray tu... gmbr vessels la peitoneum la apa la...
lepas tu tolak whiteboard kat group kitorg...
memang kecut habis la semua org tu...
semua memang tgah analyse Xray tu gmbr apa..
Coeliac artery ke..hepatic artery ke.. pancreaticoduedonal artery ke.. superior mesenteric artery ke?
(mwahaha... non-medic reader mesti risau tgok nama arterty ni kan ;) )

lepas tu kan..
Dr. R yang hensem lagi kacak ni mulakan la sesi soal jawab die ni..
memang psycho habis la..
soalan senang tapi expression muka die memg x membantu langsung..die x tegur pun kita jawab salah!!

time i kena.. die soal what femoral nerve supply the sensory of the thigh..
"saphenous nerve!!"
n then die tnya.."what is the root of saphenous nerve" arghhhh time ni gelabah..
yang i ni kepala otak ingat the pathway of saphenous vein!! pegi la explain pathway die.. Dr.Hensem ni x tegur pun i salah jawab soalan...
last2 i yg sedar sendiri... gilo! syok sendiri jawab soalan yang bukan di soal!!! hahaha

pastu dapat plak soalan dermatome!
gilo susah!
penat perah otak fikir..nasib baik la dpt jawab!

last2 die ckap.. i give you a B because u mixed up the nerve and's very dangerous if you mixed it up again...
redha jelah...
time tu memang fikir logic gak la kalau confuse vein n nerves membawa bahaya..kang nak potong saphenous vein terpotong saphenous nerve plak...

conclusion is..
mr.R x delah scary mana...
cuma memg style die ajar mcm tu...

main conclusion is...
strive more for the next cardsigning..

p/s: nasib baik la x kena soalan merepek.. ada yg kena tnya mcm mana nk procedure nak operate appendic... seriously i have no idea!! yang i tahu die split the muscles of abdomen without cutting it...!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

missing me much?

hai guys...
missing me much ?? ;)

i always visiting my own page yet got no time to update it...
so many flags from different countries have visited my page ^_^ haha... which i know who you are guys..
well so sorry for dissapointing you guys by not updating my boring life story...
there are so many things i want to say now yet there are so little time to spend on this precious blog of mine :)

basically i'm doing good now..
still breathing..
and the medical subjects are getting harder..
so many things to cover..

i think i'm ok with that..
dont worry peep :)

P/S: wish me luck for the card signing this friday...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

non-unhappy ending

many good things happen today :)
masuk anat lab dengan my anatomy lab partners..
Suman, Chioma, Ibinabo, Mira n diena...
we cover up all things that related to the bone in the lower limb..

owh when i was studying in the computer lab.. there was a senior of mine who was seating besides me for a while.. he gave me quite a motivational talk on not to be scared about card signing... pfftt.. thanx for that! 

what else..
owh.. i finally would be able to talk confidently in english infront of the non-native malay speakers :)
which is a huge "lonjakan paradigma" i should say :) heee...

okay thats all from now..
see you when i see you ^_^

Saturday, 5 November 2011

the story of the little clover

The Clover Story
“I know a place where four leaf clovers grow.”
Down on the nook there’s a lovely nook.
That’s where four leaf clovers grow.
One leaf is for Hope,
One is for Faith,
 one is for Love
 you know and
God put another in for Luck.
If you search and if you wait,
you will find where they grow.

p/s i'm growing the clover...

let see if i really have a luck with me :)

please dear clover... show me your leaf

Friday, 4 November 2011

it's friday.....

today is friday..
yeah it is...
i got anatomy class at 11 am...
im currently in the computer lab doing some extra reading about the inguinal hernia... (yes i am a NERD)
welll raya is coming..
on sunday i guess..
will only celebrate it eith my roomate..
coz everyone in my apartment are away doing their stuff.
kak aisyah is going to leicester to see her bestfriend while nabilah is going to her friend's house...

so diena and I will celebrate raya alone..
nice!! pfftttt

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

MCQs test was okay ^_^

i could answer all the questions in MCQs test yesterday..
thats all thanx to Allah for torching me the light :)

yesterday was a hectic day for me..
my stomach was not in a good mood..
i didnt eat for like the whole day.. 
and it make me feel so dizzy..
i wasnt pay attention to my lecturer durin anatomy session on the lab..
i kept staring at the clock for the session to finish..pffttt... i hate that feeling!!

hurmm what else...
i miss my family! 
nak makan rendang :( haishhh
raya haji is coming...