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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

MCQs test was okay ^_^

i could answer all the questions in MCQs test yesterday..
thats all thanx to Allah for torching me the light :)

yesterday was a hectic day for me..
my stomach was not in a good mood..
i didnt eat for like the whole day.. 
and it make me feel so dizzy..
i wasnt pay attention to my lecturer durin anatomy session on the lab..
i kept staring at the clock for the session to finish..pffttt... i hate that feeling!!

hurmm what else...
i miss my family! 
nak makan rendang :( haishhh
raya haji is coming...

1 comment:

  1. Success comes with hardship. :) without hardship, success would mean nothing. Nothing worth fighting for. That would also make life a meaningless journey. :) go and jihad for yourself. Jihad against self weakness :) and may He ease your journey babe.