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Thursday, 10 November 2011

non-unhappy ending

many good things happen today :)
masuk anat lab dengan my anatomy lab partners..
Suman, Chioma, Ibinabo, Mira n diena...
we cover up all things that related to the bone in the lower limb..

owh when i was studying in the computer lab.. there was a senior of mine who was seating besides me for a while.. he gave me quite a motivational talk on not to be scared about card signing... pfftt.. thanx for that! 

what else..
owh.. i finally would be able to talk confidently in english infront of the non-native malay speakers :)
which is a huge "lonjakan paradigma" i should say :) heee...

okay thats all from now..
see you when i see you ^_^

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