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Friday, 4 November 2011

it's friday.....

today is friday..
yeah it is...
i got anatomy class at 11 am...
im currently in the computer lab doing some extra reading about the inguinal hernia... (yes i am a NERD)
welll raya is coming..
on sunday i guess..
will only celebrate it eith my roomate..
coz everyone in my apartment are away doing their stuff.
kak aisyah is going to leicester to see her bestfriend while nabilah is going to her friend's house...

so diena and I will celebrate raya alone..
nice!! pfftttt


  1. :) glad that the weekends are coming to you soon. its always sad when celebrations are spent the loved ones. but think of it as your own personal jihad norms. :) i know you'll make it through this.

  2. normi miss u soooo much!! need to be sad la also cannot go home to celebrate raye even i'm in msia rite now!! chill2!! rindu nak borak ngn fats!