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Monday, 31 October 2011

bank holiday!

there are so many things to study...
i hate when i read somethings and i think that i have forgotten the things that i have read before..
Ya Allah..risau nyer..

pernah korang alami situasi macam ni?
dah baca satu benda tu.. pastu rasa macam lupa..!!
eee geramnyer....!!

oh come on Normi... u cant fail in RCSI!

beautiful sunday

yesterday i met this gedix girl!
rindu die sangat2... 
i wish that another 2 gedik girls were here :')
you guys know who you are !!

here it goes..
the day we went crazy for 1 hour!!!!

PS: i miss yana, zatil... and yanti dh x rindu dh..sebb dh jumpa ;)

belfast trip

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

breaking monday

Life apart from your family is not easy as it I come to realise that there are many things going on around here which I never experience it before.. and today was like a peak day for me.. coz I have to attend class as usual..and then go to communication class..after that I have to go to Mercer medical centre to get my medical check up and blood test.. it was exhilarating day I should say..  and tonight I’ve gotta study hard for MCQs test…wish me luck friends.. I hope there’ll be no nightmare like I had during cardsigning..pfftttt
Random talk: I wonder how people could have the gut to be so selfish and think about their own stuff to do and leave the burden that they have to carry to other person.. come on lah..grow up!!!!

Double random talking: I’m not the kind of person who easily get mad and pissed off towards people.. but sometimes I do! And I cannot stand it anymore!! 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The sign

remember i told u guys that i have cardsigning today..
yeah.. i did have it today..

remember i told u guys that i need to struggle hard so that i get an A in it?
yeah,,, i did work hard for it...
i did do my best to answer all the questions that have been asked..
unfortunately i did not manage to get an A..
but  a C instead...

how's my feeling right now??
sedeh laaa!! giler ke x sedeh!

i can answer all the questions till the last question that i reallllllllyyy forget about what muscles attach to the head of the fibula...
it was lost in i cant figure out about it by that time..pffttt

but nevermind..
there must be reasons behind it..
the demonstrator said that "i have to give you a C so that you will remember this muscle'
yes mam.. i will remember that muscle for the rest of my life...
love you biceps femoris... thanx for the very sweet lessons that u give me today..
it was a moment that i will never forget for the rest of my life...

so...the moral of the story is...
please Normi.. it's not a sign for you to stop learning..but is the sign to show you the way...
the way how to be a good learner! so study hard n study smart..
and good luck for the next card signing though..
i'm so really going to chase an A coz i know i deserve it..

P/S: i cried today.. coz i got a C in anatomy card signing... i know that i'm like a baby who cried about spilt milk... screw me if u want..! coz i really look stupid today..and i hate that...

it's okay.. Allah will always be with the person who always lays to Him..

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


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Monday, 17 October 2011

RCSI library is my second home

it's still moday..but still lots of things to study..
i need to finish readin the anatomy modules so that I can get an A for the card signing..
OMG..normi please struggle hard for this :)))

owh.. we have to cancel our trip to Belfast this week coz there's a test coming on next tuesday..
even the test will only cover on least percentage of semester exam but it still worth it if i study and perform well on it...
looking forward for first honour :)) insyaAllah...
P/S: I miss Malaysia...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

from Dún Laoghaire with love :)

it was a sudden plan that Hard decided to make a reunion in Dún Laoghaire....
and diena, dinie n i have been assigned to make the main dishes which suddenly nasi lemak has been popped up in my mind..
there it is.. nasi lemak has been made by we both 3 :))) wink..
n i'm in charge on nasi.n alhamdulillah i turns up to be really tasty n yummy.. ^_^

i really did a great time today.. dont know lah them all happy ke x ..yang pentin i happy!!

heeeee..hanya m09f je tau maksud AAK ;)

best sangat!!!

depan UCD!

its Dun Laoghaire¬!¬

love them allllll :)

0k.. this trip sudah cukup melegakan tension di hati..
now need to focus on study balik.. and struggling hard for the card signing..
i'm aiming for an A.. Please Allah help me make this real :')
Adios from now :)

p/S: kan best kalau semua m09f ada tadi :')

Saturday, 15 October 2011


malam tadi skype dengan mereka2 yang saya sayangi dan kasihani ;) heee

really looking forward 4 the next conversation.
wish that we could make it again with more mo9f-ians around :))))

p/s: thanx IB for this special gifts ^_^

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Random feeling

Friday is coming really soon..which is tomorrow..overall pectures are getting harder Though.:.but being a normi..i know insyaallah i manage to face this...but deeP inside here (heart)still afraid i coulnt face this challenge..sigh..rate of failure in rcsi is quite huge afraid i couldnt make it...ahhhhh.. struggling over here..insyaallah i can do it...wellll.. I cant wait to see my beloved UCD Peeps..we will have pIcnic together..yeay.....

Saturday, 8 October 2011

it's friday night :)

helllllooooo bloggersssss...
im happy today coz friday ended just so good to me :)
-it's not my anatomy cardsigning test today (probably next two weeks)
-i did great job...well my group did really good job in dissecting the posterior part of the lower lime on the cadaver ^_^ which is very impressive...
-errr what else?? owh..because tomorrow is saturday..and the day after that is SUnday :))))
-owh..i really have to revise and understand well my anatomy thingy now.. i dont want to be left over by my friends...and and and i dont want to look stupid in front of the foreign friends of mine :))

whatesle..? just wish that i will full my weekend with great n quality time :) adioss...

Friday, 7 October 2011

settling down

greeting from ireland..
i want to say that i'm happy that i finally can understand my anatomy subject..
maybe it just that..errr i kinda freak out learning new termssss...pffttt which actually everyone is also freak out (gelabah giler ko normi)
ok lah...insyaAllah i can cope with RCSI systems...
just need extra hard study n be consistence on what im doing...
very helpful :)
they help us like a lot!!
this evening i entered the anatomy room with my senior..
she taught us about the bones and few questions that usuallt being asked by the lecturers...

overall..okay la..

owhh...about the weather??
its freaking cold here.!!! seriously cold!!!

oklah..till then :) Miss my family very much :(

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

happy birthday sweetheart :')

Today is the birthday of my love only nephew..its 3.30 am in the morning now..n im here awake crying out coz im kot there in mlaysia to celebtre his birthday :( i think im so going into bad mood today..what should i suppose to post him something from here..ill figure it out this morning.. Epiiii maksu sayang epi tau..belajar pandai2 jadi org ug u alwayss
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Sunday, 2 October 2011

overview of the first week

we learnt about neuro system this week..
and it was hard for me to memorise all those part of the body..
i hate this feeling..
everytime feels so insecure..
afraid that everything will be upside down n not according to what i want...
i got nobody here..
only Allah is with me..
to Him i always share my problemm
n to him my tears always draining down ..
give me courage + determination to face this challenge...
This is what I want..
welcome to medical world normi!
believe in yourself!

ps: u're a strong girl babe! :)