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Friday, 7 October 2011

settling down

greeting from ireland..
i want to say that i'm happy that i finally can understand my anatomy subject..
maybe it just that..errr i kinda freak out learning new termssss...pffttt which actually everyone is also freak out (gelabah giler ko normi)
ok lah...insyaAllah i can cope with RCSI systems...
just need extra hard study n be consistence on what im doing...
very helpful :)
they help us like a lot!!
this evening i entered the anatomy room with my senior..
she taught us about the bones and few questions that usuallt being asked by the lecturers...

overall..okay la..

owhh...about the weather??
its freaking cold here.!!! seriously cold!!!

oklah..till then :) Miss my family very much :(

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