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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The sign

remember i told u guys that i have cardsigning today..
yeah.. i did have it today..

remember i told u guys that i need to struggle hard so that i get an A in it?
yeah,,, i did work hard for it...
i did do my best to answer all the questions that have been asked..
unfortunately i did not manage to get an A..
but  a C instead...

how's my feeling right now??
sedeh laaa!! giler ke x sedeh!

i can answer all the questions till the last question that i reallllllllyyy forget about what muscles attach to the head of the fibula...
it was lost in i cant figure out about it by that time..pffttt

but nevermind..
there must be reasons behind it..
the demonstrator said that "i have to give you a C so that you will remember this muscle'
yes mam.. i will remember that muscle for the rest of my life...
love you biceps femoris... thanx for the very sweet lessons that u give me today..
it was a moment that i will never forget for the rest of my life...

so...the moral of the story is...
please Normi.. it's not a sign for you to stop learning..but is the sign to show you the way...
the way how to be a good learner! so study hard n study smart..
and good luck for the next card signing though..
i'm so really going to chase an A coz i know i deserve it..

P/S: i cried today.. coz i got a C in anatomy card signing... i know that i'm like a baby who cried about spilt milk... screw me if u want..! coz i really look stupid today..and i hate that...

it's okay.. Allah will always be with the person who always lays to Him..


  1. kita pun pernah rasa down macam tu. dah la baru first test histology, fail pulak. frust sangat sebab test2 lepas ni confirm makin susah. huhu

    normiii, terus kuattt. Allah nak kita tingkatkan usaha. insya-Allah

  2. go normi!!!!!!!!!!! aku thu ko buleh punyer!! trust on me norms! u can do it babe!

  3. NORMI!!chill lahhh,,baru nak mula kot,,your brain is currently i know working hard to adapt dengan muscles2 punya origin insertion semua tu~

  4. normi dak2 rc stat ngan lower limb ke?? betol2.. same here test2 ak pun x segempak org lain, sbb apa yang ak bce lain lak yg kluar but then ak perasaan that study for life not only for the sake of exam.. apa2 pun teruskan berjuang =)

  5. Thanx guys..really appreciate the advices and motivation.. :') insyaAllah will struggle hard n ikhlas belajar medic ni.. Good luck to all..

  6. study bukan untuk sekadar dapat A dalam exam..tetapi untuk jadi doktor yang terbaik..:) gud luck normi..teruskan usaha