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Sunday, 16 October 2011

from Dún Laoghaire with love :)

it was a sudden plan that Hard decided to make a reunion in Dún Laoghaire....
and diena, dinie n i have been assigned to make the main dishes which suddenly nasi lemak has been popped up in my mind..
there it is.. nasi lemak has been made by we both 3 :))) wink..
n i'm in charge on nasi.n alhamdulillah i turns up to be really tasty n yummy.. ^_^

i really did a great time today.. dont know lah them all happy ke x ..yang pentin i happy!!

heeeee..hanya m09f je tau maksud AAK ;)

best sangat!!!

depan UCD!

its Dun Laoghaire¬!¬

love them allllll :)

0k.. this trip sudah cukup melegakan tension di hati..
now need to focus on study balik.. and struggling hard for the card signing..
i'm aiming for an A.. Please Allah help me make this real :')
Adios from now :)

p/S: kan best kalau semua m09f ada tadi :')

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