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Saturday, 8 October 2011

it's friday night :)

helllllooooo bloggersssss...
im happy today coz friday ended just so good to me :)
-it's not my anatomy cardsigning test today (probably next two weeks)
-i did great job...well my group did really good job in dissecting the posterior part of the lower lime on the cadaver ^_^ which is very impressive...
-errr what else?? owh..because tomorrow is saturday..and the day after that is SUnday :))))
-owh..i really have to revise and understand well my anatomy thingy now.. i dont want to be left over by my friends...and and and i dont want to look stupid in front of the foreign friends of mine :))

whatesle..? just wish that i will full my weekend with great n quality time :) adioss...

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