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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

breaking monday

Life apart from your family is not easy as it I come to realise that there are many things going on around here which I never experience it before.. and today was like a peak day for me.. coz I have to attend class as usual..and then go to communication class..after that I have to go to Mercer medical centre to get my medical check up and blood test.. it was exhilarating day I should say..  and tonight I’ve gotta study hard for MCQs test…wish me luck friends.. I hope there’ll be no nightmare like I had during cardsigning..pfftttt
Random talk: I wonder how people could have the gut to be so selfish and think about their own stuff to do and leave the burden that they have to carry to other person.. come on lah..grow up!!!!

Double random talking: I’m not the kind of person who easily get mad and pissed off towards people.. but sometimes I do! And I cannot stand it anymore!! 

1 comment:

  1. been through that bullshit burden before. you only have two choices norms. be bold and confront. or just ignore the bullshit. dont do the the third choice which is to carry the burden and say nothing about it and then just suffer alone. never ever do that.