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Saturday, 27 March 2010


jUst get out from this condition..this week is kind of my stress not going to call it as the most stressful week ever coz i know it is not comin yet..SEM 3 is waiting for me to reach that stage:( hurmm..been busy with my Extended Essays Research Question..I'm thinking of doing chemistry rather than biology which is so hard to find the advisor and also my RQ is always been rejected some more:( sighh..(i have never been rejected before) this IB seriously make me facing new things...un expected thing to be exact by the way!..aissyy..i know that i'm strong..if all of my friend why i Can't...another things that make my brain load with huge thorns is that my mathematics..teacher asks us to decide weither we want to take High level or standard level..i decided to take the higher level bcoz my heart say so..but deep inside my heart attack me wth thousands question what if i Cant..?what if i dont get high points?what if..bla bla...thanx to ibu for consulting me and plus my friends for giving me support..thanx Hard,Deeb. Arisya and Fats..i love you guys so much...Im just realise tht my self esteem is very to make it high>>>wondering~~~

Massage to Normi: pleas take your time to revise and read Bio, Chem, Econs and also do the exercise in Math always:) You can Do it Normi...I love my self!! :D

Friday, 19 March 2010

Reaching for the stars

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

doodling again...

im currently on mid sem break..just get back from pangkor island...our vacation was pretty awesome.. we had a very nice days currently at home..wasting my time again as usual..frankly speaking i realy hate my habit ri8 now but i just cant stop it..seriously i become much more lazy at home..aiyya home..why you are so sweet that i cant even stay for 1 second to do nonsence things,,,,i realy hate myself for procastinating.but i just cant avoid it...aisy..normi come on..wake up la dear..This is IB..

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

i really want to learn this thing....

i wish i have time to play this thing...