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Thursday, 23 April 2015


psychiatry and its alarm button.
Scene 1: in MDT with one patient. in the middle of conversation on of the consultant asked the patient with serious look...

consultant : are you a die hard fan of manchester united
patient : yeahh..
consultant : how do u find your team now?
patient : desperate!

the whole crowd was laughingg ;) 

Scene 2: ward round 

Consultant : we're thinking of changing your medication. You might need depot. what do you think?
patient : do you know doctor. the bed sheet im using now is pink. last week was white. why is that doctor? (unrelated issues )

the whole crowd was holding their laugh while staring at each other ;)

I'm currently in 2nd week of psychiatry rotation. 
kinda enjoying the rhymes..
but I still have not found out the spark that trigger my inner "fun-nnes"..
Overall is well.
The consultant and the team are amzing.
and the hospital view is incredibly stunning..
what a scenary!
despite having to commute back and forth from Dublin to Wicklow.. It takes ages 1 hour to go there..
Hectic weekdays that I have I suppose.

By this time I should have started studying for finals as well.
found out myself draining out when reaching home.. fiuhhhh
what to do!?
That's life..
hoping by the end before the final I finished study all of it..

beautiful view from the ward..

Sunday, 12 April 2015

My season

there is always challenge in everyday
regardless who you are, what you do and where you be.
Always be grateful on what you have.
have courage to move forward even if it takes forever to take a single step.
be kind to everyone around you.
BUT always remember you cant make all people happy, 
in that case ignore 'em. 
Be You.!

stepped onto greenish grass is always be my favourite

my strength- being away from family. This is our family!
my OHANA :)

Together we achieve more :)

New rotation tomorrow!! Psychiatry please be nice!
Prepare for your end of year's exams norms!
lets ace this war! 
You've been this far!
Dont ruin it!

I love you..
I love you because you never give up!
I love you because you always wake up when u know u're about to fall.!
I love you for rising up!
I love you for what you've sacrificed! 
no matter what it takes.. you always make sure people around you happy..
I love you because you always put your family first..

I love you for what you are..
I love you.. now and forever..

Yours sincerely,
Your inside.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Happy spring!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fly high.


Fly high Norms.
Even if nobody infront of you to guide the path..
Still fly high Norms.
Even if no one behind you to follow your lead.
Fly high Norms.
Even if the sky is dark and you hardly seen the shining stars.
You will make through this.
Believe in you. No one else but you.
Be courage and be kind.

Yours sincerely,


Thursday, 2 April 2015


Last day on GP rotation. I miss it already. Learn a lot from the doctors I have worked with. 

Leisure thoughts

I wish i could reach back in time and heal the hearts that had stopped beating too soon. #theHeartSpeaks -Dr Mimi Guarneri