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Thursday, 23 April 2015


psychiatry and its alarm button.
Scene 1: in MDT with one patient. in the middle of conversation on of the consultant asked the patient with serious look...

consultant : are you a die hard fan of manchester united
patient : yeahh..
consultant : how do u find your team now?
patient : desperate!

the whole crowd was laughingg ;) 

Scene 2: ward round 

Consultant : we're thinking of changing your medication. You might need depot. what do you think?
patient : do you know doctor. the bed sheet im using now is pink. last week was white. why is that doctor? (unrelated issues )

the whole crowd was holding their laugh while staring at each other ;)

I'm currently in 2nd week of psychiatry rotation. 
kinda enjoying the rhymes..
but I still have not found out the spark that trigger my inner "fun-nnes"..
Overall is well.
The consultant and the team are amzing.
and the hospital view is incredibly stunning..
what a scenary!
despite having to commute back and forth from Dublin to Wicklow.. It takes ages 1 hour to go there..
Hectic weekdays that I have I suppose.

By this time I should have started studying for finals as well.
found out myself draining out when reaching home.. fiuhhhh
what to do!?
That's life..
hoping by the end before the final I finished study all of it..

beautiful view from the ward..


  1. psychiatry department here is so comfy! the bedroom, the music room, the art room etc. :D

    1. yeke.. kita xpernah pergi art room lagi..dia dekt bangunan tak psych hanis?