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Sunday, 28 June 2009

oRientation week

Life in kmb??fOr oNe week I’ve been here it is quite oK la..jUz like MRSM Taiping..exactly like it…bUt in dress code its quite different…in KMB we wear baju kUrung..nO more bAju seKolah… the first day..i was not crying wHen sHaking hands with my parents n sister…bCoz at that time I don’t feel homesick..wHat I tHingk is about the strategies for study in order tO balance mY academic performances n my sports n all that sTuff…u know what…mOst of tHe sTudents in this cOllege are always speak in English..n their English are very fluence…I wish I can like them..sO nORmi..frOm nOw on please improve yOur proficiency ok!!!!or else u wOnt fly….~~~~~~~no way… I want tO study in oVersea!!!UK is waiting fOr me!!!Manchester university…..i’ve been mOtivated bY oUr sUper seniors which are cUrrently sTudying in oVersea n they going back dUring sUmmer ..they give me the spirit n sHare their experiences with me..oh mY…IB is tougher then A-level…besides its actually a diploma…sO normi…sTudy hard!!!u cant fail IB..if u fail nO more IPTA will take u as they not recognized IB except USM…Are u going tO study in IPTS???huh???nO way..i want tO study in UK….

last word from me tO myself….
“nOrmi!stUdy hard….be confidence in wHat u dO..dOnt ever give up..yOur sacrifices will pay u back with yOur the saying gOes sUccess needs sacrifices!!!sO…learn tO love IB..just thinking tHat IB is fUn..go with the flow n u woNt feel stress