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Friday, 4 December 2009

something to ponder...

Today got Bio test...I don’t want to talk about is because I can say that it is quite hard. Sigh... im very sad today..and lucky we got usrah today. For me usrah is not a burden either a big trouble, yet it is some kind like an activity where u can relax your mind and think about islam for a while. Perhaps it is not just about islam, but it is also about life. Today we discuss about “Intention”. The point is what is our intention when we study and taking the it all because of the Almighty Allah..? or it is because you want to show off and proud about yourself....i was thinking about there is not easy to determine what is the real intention why we study..i also don’t have the exact answer for that question. If mark scheme is present for that particular question i bet it will be one bundle of paper printed with all the anwers.
After we discuss about that, the naqibah ask us to give another issue to discuss. So I give them a topic which is Cinta di alam persekolahan. Bits lame was just an idea babe. They agree to talk about this issue. So, I tried to confess about something that i keep in my heart for such a long time i guess. “what if you like someone but you does not want to like him?”. I think the question was really come from heart by that time and i really want the answer for that question.

I think i have already got the answer!!!
let him free...if we really meant for each other..he will reappear in your live one day!

So, to the person who may concern...I let you free!!!! Because my life has to move jOurney is just about to start..i don’t want my feeling slacked it up! So i can say it nOw that really get rid of you from my heart!!

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  1. pape pn do ur best k??
    k.sai wish a lot of luck...