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Monday, 12 October 2009

sweet 16

Im currently doing the biology report but then suddenly something is playing in my head now. In English class today we were discussing about adolescence group did ‘u never understand me’ poem..that is nOt what i want to talk about now..i want to talk about fats’s poem which is sweet sixteen..we were discussing about what u have done when you are 16 years old...i was wondering about it when i performed my asar prayer;) (hehe x khusyuk)..ok! i’m asking myself now..who are u when u r 16 year old girl??? From what i remember..16 years old is when i entered MRSM Taiping as a form four student..this is where my journey continued. I transformed from a hate to say a bad girl i guess into pretty kind girl=) seriously!!!! MARESMART thought me so much things in various perspective...when i was 16 i studied quite a distance from my house which is in the Teluk Intan to MRSM Pasir Salak which is too near with my hOuse which my parents can and always come to visit me almost every week..but then there in MARESMART my parents only came to visit me about once per month but sometimes twice a month... You know being apart from your parents will make u pretty sad..u might even miss your mom vOice n also imaging yOur favourite mom’s cook in front of you now, but then it was just an imagination... this is where my maturity appeared! I learnt how my life should go on without someone that u love are around. my journey towards succeed must go on without them but their spirit n soul r always supporting me n wake me up each time i fall down. This is when i start to think about my future.. when i was 16 i also learnt how to control myself..u know.. as a teenager we cant run from having a crush or something related to love..yup i had admired someone...but then i don’t know why(might be metaphysical claim) i felt uneasy. My heart is like separating into two pisces..either love or keep on single..u know what i choose?? I choose being single! Yup come again it is a metaphysical claim! I cant explain why..maybe im afraid being a heartbroken..maybe it is better that way ..being a single with no problem=) but i still finding why me myself will feel uncomfortable when i admire someone..i got the answer MARA College BAnting...i don’t know who said that to me..but what i know is that my tears fall down when i heard that is really the answer that i really trying to find.. the word is.. “bila kta suka pada seseorang manusia itu kadangkala kita rasa x sedap hati..apakah maknanya? Itu tandanya Allah x nak apabila kamu bersamanya kamu akan melupakan-Nya. Sesunguhnya Allah sangat merindui kamu dan menyayangimu lebih dari si dia menyayangi kamu” it might not give any effect to u readers!!but it really give me the answer of what i feel about love..sO Mr.Love( i don’t know who coz he is not appear in my life yet) i really hope when i meet u..u don’t really mind if my love is separated into two pisces...i might give u 40% of my love to u but my 60% love is not for u my is for the one that loves me more than u do...n i hve to love him more than i love u..he is the creator of you n I..he is our god..he is the Almighty ALLAH!!

The question when i was 16 is finally answered here in kmb!!

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