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Friday, 14 August 2009

my life

yOu know..when ALLAH give us some trouble we always assuming that ALLAH gives us a suck test!!we always unintentionally blame ALLAH for the trouble...why he/she doesnt have that trouble??many question will surely play in our head...all the negative perspective...

Do we realize that ALLAH misses us!
HE misses your voice!
HE misses yOur tear!
HE wants you to ask him for help!!!

now i'm realise! no wonder this week is so horrible to me...Maybe ALLAH wanted to let me know that HE misses me...I just realise it when the ustaz that has given the ceramah yesterday...Ya can I do this to yOu...i didnt read the Al-Quran this week!!oh Allah i was too busy with other things till i forget abOut my preparation to meet yOu =( sorry ALLAH... I really need yOu!!dOnt run away from me please! pease give me yOur hidayah so that i'll be a good muslimah...thanx ALLAH for all your nikmat! and thanx to you too for giving me a sign that you misses me...insyaAllah i will try to balance my life btween duniawi n ukhrawi...

Dr. Normi Zafirah Bt Mohd Isha

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