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Friday, 8 October 2010

what a relief....

It was the second period of our class today i use my friends i-mac to check the IELTS result online...Thanx god he give another luck...I got 6.5......yup i know it is not that good but im very thankful to ALLAH bcoz at least I fulfill the requirement of ireland IUMC...:D
It was very tiring week I can say...VERRRRYYYY!!! i feel like my head is jUst going to explode.... Everything that i did was just so wrong nowadays.... It get more worst when dealing with yOur group who always rejecting ur idea when u give ur opinion n then ending up asking to figure out what to do!~!!!!!! what the heck is that....! i hate it when i have to do a task repeatedly especially when i actually has work on it the best I back off u yOung lady....dah2...aiya...this is not a proper cursing for my blog....well im just trying to empth my mind with all this kind of messy and bloody think that wondering in my head right o think thats all from started to rain by the way.. i want to enjoy the get back to work!!!! :D


  1. well, congrats norm! anyway, i know u can do it~ cheers~ =)