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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The mAking of Boxty and Stew

yesterday and toDay was a veRy
sPlendid mOment that I ever had... I won the first place for the Irish potato bread cooking competition..:D it's worth it when as I put sO much effort on it.. we decided to make BROXTY or so called the Irish potatO cake...they are 6 of us..and we are competing amOng us by the way... bUt we prpeared all those in
gredients together....well..we peeled of the potato skin and boiled itthe night before..after that we mashed it...besides we also making the stew on that night..becoz to make the lamb stew it will take a couple of hour to be cooked...sO the ext day which is yesterday(tuesday) we made the potato..we add a little bit of flOur and milk...plu
st the pepper and salt...and also herbs such as thyme..i decided to modify my boxty by adding the banger or sau
sages in that so that it kind of look different from my other friends...I am very happy the judges which is the deputy ambassador of ireland, and one lady which is also an Irisy..and not to forgot our Barbara Err (not sure whether i
spell it right)..but seriously I said Barb is a v
ery fantastic woman..She helped us
a lot in guiding regarding the IUMC stuff..w
ell back to the cooking stOry...yeah..Most of the teachers tasted our food and Im kind of grateful bcoz they said that mine is ...well ....delicous-lah :D hehe..and I saw the Irish man marked our score...hmm well very excited right nOw...ahaha..WHY??? because this is my first time jOining the cooKing cOmpetitiOn!!! and I win the first place...and the prize is qUite gOod...its Rm70 vo
ucher in MPH and also RM30 in Starbuck...hehe I am happy..By the w
ay Our ccoking competition grOup is the best!!! we help each oTher a Lot...lets go to Starbuck girls!!!! hehe

P/S: I dont have the chance to taste my BOXTY :'( Its finished already...hmm naaa its ok..i'll make it for my own later...(Bila lah later tu yer???ahaha..)..ready to be a kitchen girl???naaaa....LATER la..:DDD ahaha...nOrmi...normi...em
Brace your skills!!! hehe..Later lah...

1 comment:

  1. Well done on making Boxty!
    Check out how we make here in Dublin, Ireland at
    You can follow the video tutorials on our youtube channel.
    Best wishes from Gallagher's Boxty House, Temple Bar Dublin

    Pádraic Óg Gallagher