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Monday, 19 July 2010

♥Mock Interview♥

Dato' Richard Small

last week i was having the mock interview..the interviewer is a foreigner..not sure where he comes from..i Just know that he actually got the Dato' title..i was very shock to know about that..he seems so nice and friendly:) ♥... the interview went very well i guess...i manage to answer all his was more to th situation when u r a doctor..he's very nice...but somehow his question is quite challenging...apart from that, he said that my english is good n where did i learn it??♥ i was very shock when he say that...n then i said that i learn it via movies and newspaper..bla22222..hehe thanx Dato' Richard Small.. really have fun having some kind like a friendly conversation with you :DD.... RCSI's interviewer come quicky and interview me...excited to have a nicely converstion with you guys also.....I really wanna go to RCSI!!!