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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Exam is coming

I have to admit that being a medical students...having exam suppose to be just piece of crap.. I guess i have faced thousands of papers during my journey as a student..but is a big matter to me..examsss it is big to me..Big to us !!! I feel like every exam has its own scary-ness that make us nervous and sometime we r in hypotension state :) plus being an oversea stdent it makes me feel muh tense..with no family around me an with no mommmyyy to scold me whenever i feel so lazy..its different though..but i still hold on with the fact that life is the climb.. Nothing is easy in the world! To get something good you have to face something worst first.. So peeps !! Or those who have exams coming on.. Good luck:) May Allah ease our journey..May All this sacrifces that we made will bring us to jannah :) together we gain success !! Islam itu pernah gah di mata dunia! Lets make it real again ^_^. Bye 2.. May peace be upon you

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