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Sunday, 4 September 2011


my family! 
US without angah(second sister) and her husband
since angah and a.wan didnt go back to we dont have their picture in that!

no matter where they are...

they still follow our raya theme :) heee
angah and a.wan at Tanjung Karang

HOW was my RAYA!!
got not much pictures...
very lazy to snap! ~prefer to spend the most quality time with family..


owh! this is the best rendang ever!

this one to be exact!!! rendang daging siat!
it was cooked by my grandma's neighbour... usually..ALWAYS during the first cousins and I will emptied half of our stomach to eat this rendang!! and sometimes ALL the time during first raya we'll eat like a LOTTTT!! hahaha...


this!! glad to have this again this year!! haha

stop here now.. toddles :) muahx

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