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Sunday, 15 August 2010

the decision he made for me is the best...

Alquran: Al-baqarah: 216

there is nothing I can do when knowing that I got IUMC Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium interview offer... tears keep coming out from my eyes...I did not what that's means to I happy or sad? I was dumb and numb for a while and keep talking with my heart and mind...what else I can say? here is the conversation between my heart and I:

Me: IUMC?? what? I didnt ask for it!
heart: hey! yes you didnt ask for it but u got it! actually you want it right?
Me: I ask for RCSI and PMC only? i do not aim too high...IUMC is far too hard for me to get.!
heart: it's not that you dont deserve for's just because of your self confidence! you dont believe i yourself! you have too much of your low self-esteem! You can lie people...but u cant lie me!your heart! i know you really want to go to IUMC right?? its just that you have no
confidence to go there..
Me: hmm I guess you are right! i am afraid i cannot score for Higher level subjects.. especially english subject! we have to get at least 6 for english..which i think it's quite impossibe! hmm but i really want to go to are right HEART! I really want to go there...
heart: told want it right... it's not just me who know that..yOur god, Allah knows it! he can listen to your heart..he knows what you want!!
Me: (tears coming out again) oh my god!! yup! thank you for waking me up! u made me realise that what i planned does not neccesaarily will happen without your permission! the decision that i made....oh Allah..thanx for showing me the light! im hiding behind my shadow..but nOw you show me thats somehow there is a light!
heart: yes..ALLAH is the Almighty...He knows everything..!
thanx ALLAH..for hearing my heart's voice...yeah... i really want to go to IUMC..but then i just dont have the courage to write it on the placement form...that'is why I just ask for RCSI and PMC... and also New Zealand...i did'nt listen to my heart though... n then you come n help me ALLAH...yOu give me IUMC eventhough i didnt write it in the form.. you know the best for me.. thanx ALLAH

So..normi! ireland is waiting for you..all you have to do is study HARD!!!! FOCUS!!!! and do well in the iterview..gOod luck! :DD


  1. wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa.. besnyer.. tahniah..

  2. good luck n all da best! aku taw.. ko ley wat nye.. name pon normi..=)

  3. congrate dear!!
    moga itu yang terbaek utk kamu :)

  4. thanx aishah..minye and areefah :D
    pray 4 me to get there:))

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