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Monday, 8 August 2011

A day of robes and flying hats :')

first and foremost..the cAption above i took it from wan nur fatin's picture album in fb :) here it go..
the day that finally revealed that i'm no longer an IB student..
the day that revealed i'm a yOung adult who is about to stand on my own feet from that time being..
the day that revealed i will study abroad in foreign country where nobody i know over there...
the day that revealed i will meet new friends in the future...
and the day that that revealed i will have to leave the old friends of mine in order to chase my dream ;)

the day that I make them so proud :' D

the day i make her so happy till the tears come streaming down her face XD


The day we smile because we are so happy that we MADE it with flying colours in the previous jOurney!
the day we do crazy things to appreciate this precious moment !

The day friends are everything in our mind :D

The day that we know best friends will be separated soon..
but the bond will be much stronger!!!
the day that i realise all my irpmates have gotten 35 and above points in the IB examination!!
i'm very proud of you guys!! ~bangga jadi irp leader korang!!! ^_^

and's the day i'm so proud of myself because i've survived IB!!!


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