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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


the result has finally come out...
Alhamdulillah im satisfied with what i got...
all thanx to Allah for giving me the courage to pass through that challenge..

out of 5 subject...
i got 3 first class honour
1 second class (upper)
1 second class (lower)

so yeah..
thanx to Mr. Neuromuscular, Alimentary System, and hampoietic and Immune system for giving me the first class honour...
Mr. Human Behaviour and society for giving me second class upper..
last but not least to Mr. concept & pronciples in Biomedicine for giving me second class (lower)

somehow i feel sad la jugak..
coz i aim for all first class kan..
but nevermind..
everything happen for a reason..
need to work hard next time...

what makes me happy is...
cardsigning always pissed me off kan.. but i got first class for that ;) heeee...
again..all thanx to Allah :)))

azam baru!
struggleeee for this JC2!! 

i'm aimimg for all first class..aminnn