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Monday, 8 October 2012

New life

What a short periof of time.. I feel like i have been living at home for only a while.. Now the new life has began..junior cycle 3 has challenge to go through.. I wish i will manage to pass through this..
Just having meeting with the director of MARA.. There is one student of our batch has to repeat his year again..pity boy! -Allah knows best-
There are 19 of my batch got first class honour for this year's exam! Am proudnof my batch KITA.. We are soooo gooddd 😄

Soo i wish Jc3 will treat us well!! Welcome to JC3 Norms... Strive your best to achive ur dream! First class honour again please!  Hangout time can wait! summer will be just around the corner! you dont have to wait for it to will come to you when it's time 😃

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