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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Being a humanbeing was such a long time for me not writing things inside this blog... There was nothing to tell..i rather kept those stories in my head...

But not this one..not this story!!

Well.. As you may know or u may not know... I like to look at people...i like to judge people..not judging actually..well it is interprating a person character to be exact.. Yess! weird huh?!but that is me! Love to interprate people by looking at their action,personality and etc...

So yeah..since im coming here in IReland..i realise more and more about people change..a lot!!

I saw people become so selfish about themselves..and how they dont bother about others.. being me..i interprate that..and i know it was wrong..and i know this will actually burdening other people life somemore...

I hate being a selfish girl..but when this selfish human acting selfishly towards other and im the one has to take care about others...sometimes my heart always screaming 'Sampai bila???'

I always tell my heart that no matter what happen..just stay who you Normi that wont leave her friends alone in the dark..let the selfish run wherever they run and see how far they will yeah..Dear heart..hold me tight..i want to stay who am i now....

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