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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Post cardsigning

As you may all know that cardsigning is one of the nightmares for junior cycle RCSI students... Everyone will study so freaking hard for it!! when it is actually contributed 2.5% for final exam...pfftt..

Yeah me being me..i am one of them...
My group didnt get the chance to get even one A for last year's cardsigning as we got the lecturer yang sooooo kedekut markah..erghhh geram... Time tu i was so frustrated and feel like i was sooo stupid... But think back till now im kinda miss our two kedekut markah lecturers..they two all go pursuing their dreams... so this year I manage to get all As for the cardsigning...

When My professor give me an A for the very last cardsigning..he said that i am good..but at that time I dont feel so happy in getting all As.. Its not what i want.. !! Then again I realise that success is not just you got an A for the exams but its actually when you feel satisfied with knowledge that you have..Now if you ask me... im not satisfied with own knowledge at this moment..its somehow leaking somewhere that need to be refueled.. Hurmmm I need those two lecturers yang kedekut markah tu...coz they really teach us the knowledge!! 📓💖
Till then.. I know this is so random..but this what i am thinking at this moment..

Ok bye..
May peace be upon you:)

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