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Monday, 5 January 2009

memories oF yEsterday

so close in my heartyet so far awayi think about u everydayI'm sitting here all alonewishing i could talk to ustaring at the phoneEverything was perfectnothing could go wrongnow I'm stuck somewherei feel i don't belongI love you so muchmy very best friendwe were supposed to be togetheruntil the very endMemories of yesterdaylinger in my mindof all the thingsI left behindI wish i could turn back timeto when i was freeso full of lifejust u and meId freeze that momentand hold it tighteverything would be perfectand feel so rightDays turn into monthsmonths turn into yearsI'm forever missing uwishing u were hereYou'll always be missedbut Your forever in my hearti will never 4getthe day we had to partSo until the daywe can meet againgoodbye for nowmy best-est friend

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