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Monday, 5 January 2009

You will always have a friend in me

People go everyday not knowing what they may loseNot knowing if that day someone will bring them bad newsI’ve known many in my life that have been through heartacheScared from the nightmare they may never awakeI know you have been through a lot and I am here to hold your handThrough all the trials life has in store, by your side I shall standAlthough I can’t erase the scars, I hope to help them fadeDon’t forget all the good memories, all the smiles you have madeI know it’s hard to say goodbye, to finally let them goMissing them and praying that they knowI know it’s hard to lose someone to know they are no longer here To wake every morning having to face a terrible new fearI promise to lift you up whenever you are downI will place a smile on your face whenever there’s a frownI love you unconditionally you are my very best friendAll the pieces to your broken heart I will do my best to mendLives are lost daily, I know it isn’t fairJust know you will always have someone that truly caresOne day you will join them in heaven, and then you’ll finally seeThat through all this time you’ll always have a friend in me

1 comment:

  1. yeah..
    thats what friends for..
    be there whenever they need you..
    In the future, they might help us in whatever things dat we r doing.

    who knows?