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Monday, 16 March 2009


thanx Allah..yoU give me tHe oPputurnity to get str8 A's in sPm..eventhOuhg i'vE got A2 for Bm..hehehe malu nk ckap orG melayu..bUt not bad..i've got 8A1 1A2...
MRSM taiping is in the 2nd rank among the mRSm...nOt bad huh..for pHysics we r in the first rank...bIO...dOnt u dare to is quiet dissapointed wth us...huhu..


  1. w0w..physics 1st ea??
    lega cikgu wan.. hehe..

    nway.. dgr kate tepen pun 2nd rank kt msia.. haha... arap2 bt0i laa..