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Thursday, 5 March 2009

PASS JPJ's TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!flying cOlors

This is wHat dream I made up!!!
4 March 2009 was a lucky day i guess...
i passed the mOtorcycle n car test...
for motorcycle at part II i've got 20/20..huhu tip top huh...
for part III i've gOt 12/14...

for car..
I've been given by the clerk for third session..
it started quite late..
i've been tOld by cikgu wak that the JPJ officer that will examined us is strict...he wants us to straighten the car when we park..
i did it=)
even i havent practise it befoRe...
fOr road Test...tHere was heavy also happened when i drove the car...
hehe lucky am i as i've gOt the mOst sPoting jPj ever =P hehehe
he gaVe me 19/20...huhu nOt bad huH...
in th car i asked him many silly qUestion..
like.."tuan..tuan ni pegawai JPJ eyh...."
he replied"x lah...saya pegawai haiwan"..hahahahahaha
n then i asked him..'macam maner yer nk jd pgawai jPj..kena amik law ker"...
then he answerd with silly things too..sengal punya tuan...hehehehe
wHo cares.....he makes me pass=) thanx tuan FAIZAL botak..hehe..
one more thing...the engine was nOt off when i drove=)..hehe

PS: actually there are some pictures i took yesterday..bUt i dOnt have a cabel...i have to wait for my mum to go later ok!!!!

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