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Friday, 17 April 2009

Interview MARA

hMm sElasa Hari tue peGi interview MARA...4 pM pnya session...bUt we came tO KL in SuNday bCoz Abah hAd appointment wTh IJN on mOnday...oVerall the interView was Ok la..
tHanx God all the interviewee at my panel are MRSM Taiping students..So we had some conversation n support each other=)wink....During my interview...cheng cheng cheng...hahaha its quite r some question that the interviewer asked me...
~tell me about urself
~what criteria that u have to be a doctor
~how can u manage,...u know being a doctor is nOt that easy....
~y u want to be a doctor
~hOw we can call the malaysian who work abroad?
~where U want to study
hmm lagi aper eyh??dh luper dh..bNyk jgak dier tNya...
leps hbis interview aku,abah n ibu balik la ke perak...
esokNyer nak pEGi bUkit tinggi pLak....yAhoooooooooooo....mErdeka!!hehe nOt yet nOrmi....huhu

1 comment:

  1. wah3,,moge intebiu lulus =)
    oho,,ayh gue juga mendpt rwtn dr ijn,,
    pas ney,,nomi bley laa jd doktor ayh,,
    tp saya tdk,,hahaha=)