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Monday, 27 April 2009

learning to be gRateful=)

dOn't lOok back in whatevEr u do!!

i'm nOt agree when someone said like a hUman being How can we avoid repeating the same misTakes if n only if we doNt look back on what we have done in the past!!!

Learning from yoUr oWn n someone else mistakes!!

yup!!i like this quOte..we should learn from mistakes...i've just done it...sOme times i always tHink back on what i've done in the past...

~whY didnt i get str8 A1 in sPm?

~wHy he/she that always sleep in the class n play more than study can get str8 A1...

~why i didnt get str8 A1 even my academic perfomances is quiet ok!

~Y my stay up-friends all get str8 A1

~he/she get str8 A1 even her/his pointer much lesser than me!

~wHy i made the wrong contents when writing the bM essay!!!

~wHat is my reward for staying up all the nights to study n made revision n lastly getting str8 A's only?

OMG!!!theres so many question linger in my head!!!!!!!bUt deep in my heart i know thAt every thing happened has its own reasons!

i've to think positively!!mAybe ALLAH wanna give something else that will give more happier n satisfaction to me!!eVery person has their own destiny!maybe they play lots but back from your eyes can see they also study lots n easily understand what teachers taught them!!my reward fOr staying up all the nights??nOrmi saYang!!!of course la yOur satisfaction!yup absolutely!!satisfaction n also delight!!staying up in nights while others were in dreamland..accompanied by wind (if it was rain)...drinking nescafe or coffee about two sachet per cup!!fall asleep on the study table n wake up when hearing the subuh summon!!go to the class abOut 6.30(the earliest student come to the class..sometime arsyad o farouq)..every weekend, stay up in the class alone until 6pm..(sometimes fall asleep in the class)..

sometimes regretting for falling asleep even for only 5 minutes!!bY that time i felt time was really my foe!its too short for me..theres lots more for me to make revision!!nOw!!when i look back..

i'm really proud of myself..i've changed a lot in MRSM Taiping..i've learnt how to sacrifice somethings for my own good!!i've learned how the relationship with ALLAH is the most important to get success in life..MRSM taught me all the things abOut life!!sOlat berjemaah for evEry waktu solat n also being "IMAM" in the prayer give me fUll satisfaction in my life..i feel like some part in my heart that once upon was empty is now fulfill with somethings that make me feel calm...CALMNESS!!

ok back to our topic!!why i made the wrong contents in my bm essay??nOrmi!!!like u said just nOW!!every single thing happened has its own reasons!!u have to accept that..that is your destiny has been written on luhmahfuz..
n nOw take a step forward nOrmi..plan for yOur future..gOod luck n all the best!!!i love my self!!


  1. yup..i agree with you 100%..bcz if people didnt learn from their mistake they will never changed!!!

    yeah sometimes i felt like you to..whats the point of staying up bt u didnt score well... thanks 4 ur make me realise that i need to accept what have been decided by HIm....

  2. yup..we have to accept what ALLAH give to us...every single thing happen for a reason!!!life must gO on!!chayoo!!