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Sunday, 3 July 2011

birthday blast :)

it was 30th June 2011..
that i thought my friends and I will celebr8 Afiq's birthday on that day..
but it turns Out to be mine also..
However i tried to act cool ;)
and lets afiq blew off the candles because it's officially his birthday on that day :)
M09f-ans did wrote us a card... sweet card..

on that night.. Syahrul gave me this cute little present..and i love it so much... thanx irpm8 :D

the presents with my angry birds pillow ♥ 

i'm praised to Allah again coz he gives me such a nice and awesome friends that i've never made before...
i'm proud to be part of M09F ♥ 

i ♥  them sO much!!!

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