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Saturday, 3 December 2011

hanging out

it's friday again...
which make diena n i decided to go meet UCD peeps coz we havent meet them quiet a long time..
so yeah..
diena n i went to UCD right after class...
after class finished memang terus dash to graffton street..n we grabbed an ice creamm
n then amik bus to UCD!!!

betapa losernyer kitorg sebab x pernah pergi UCD...
tapi heyyyyy! 
i finally dh sampai UCD kot....

meeee yang x tahu sapa yang masak??

hidden chef ;) hard la sebenarnya yang tukan masak mee..tpi x nak mengaku ;)

best mee everrr!!!

stalk wedding movie kakak nad...memang xde kerja

movie night!!!! tengok cerita hantu real!!!

have a sweet friday night!!!


  1. wish i was there :') but never mind, im glad to see you guys having fun :)next time ill join the fun as well okayy :)

  2. wishhhhh u were there tooo :(((( patut nya kite skype semalam! xpela next time we will tell youuu